America Is Built on a Great Culture, But Progressives Want to Abandon It

America Is Built on a Great Culture, But Progressives Want to Abandon It. By Joel Kotkin.

Here’s a dirty secret: Great nations rest on a great common culture. I say it’s a secret because it’s become almost taboo to discuss this historic fact; progressives across the globe have turned decisively against national legacies, and it’s progressives who by and large dictate mainstream culture. …

Only a very small fraction of Americans, well under 10 percent, consider themselves progressive, and most reject the view of America as uniquely fallen. And the prevalence of the “woke” view in the media and popular culture, despite how marginal it is in American society, goes a long way toward explaining the Democrats’ astounding losses at the polls last week.

This is really an argument about history, at the end of the day. Can we have a shared national culture is another way of asking if we can have a shared interpretation of our past. And the answer right now seems to be no. Consonant with its view of America as fallen, the (tiny) progressive Left believes that American history is uniquely shameful and racist, a view that provides the rationale for separating third graders by race and asking them to rank their “privilege.” And despite their small numbers, the progressives have the educational and corporate establishment behind them. …

The good news is that Americans are pushing back, including people on the Left. The public now disdains the media at historic levels. The ratings for all the networks — particularly the ultra-politicized CNN — have cratered, while Hollywood’s politically correct movies have done poorly. Hollywood’s party line progressive orthodoxy clearly repels many Americans.

Corporate America might like to claim that embracing “social justice” as defined by the activist Left is good for business, but there’s little proof that’s true; Fox News’s late night host Greg Gutfeld now enjoys higher ratings than his far more well-established network counterparts, while the anti-woke comedian Dave Chappelle has gotten rave notices from audiences, if not the party line-conforming critics. And the Daily Wire, a conservative website, commands more Facebook engagement than the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, and CNN combined. By contrast, the well-funded progressive sites, Buzzfeed and VICE have been suffering with major layoffs and reduced valuations.

All of this points toward a hunger among Americans for a return to a shared culture and shared history — the one abandoned by the would-be cultural arbiters.

A shift in culture can’t come fast enough; we’re already seeing a large drop in patriotism among the young. Already more than one in three young people are lukewarm about their country and more than two in five favor such things as censorship of unpopular views, according to the Pew Research Center.

We need to recognize the genius inherent in our republic once again. Re-segregation as an ideal may be popular on the far Left but interracial dating and marriage are growing rapidly, and most minorities, like their white counterparts, now live in suburbia. The fastest growing race in America is mixed; one in ten babies born in the U.S. have one white and one non-white parent.

We are the silenced majority.