The Vaccinated Pose the Greatest Risk to Others, But the Western Ruling Class Blunders On

The Vaccinated Pose the Greatest Risk to Others, But the Western Ruling Class Blunders On. By Nick Cater.

The practical reality of living with Covid-19 is slow to dawn on the laptop class … Living with Covid-19 means living with the unvaccinated, unless we are to live permanently with the kind of segregation decent Americans would find intolerable in any other circumstance.

Yet the temptation to bully, shame and demonise the vaccine-hesitant is proving too strong to resist, and not just in the US. The healthier-than-thou, self-righteous preening of those who like to boast about their fully-vaxxed status is one of the nastier memes on Twitter right now.

“Follow Singapore and legislate no medical or hospital expenses to be reimbursed to people who are not vaccinated without medical justification and then contract Covid,” tweeted former NSW premier Bob Carr on Tuesday.

“You ignored warnings and got the disease. You pay for your wilful stupidity, not the rest of us.”

The following day he upped the vitriol. To be unvaccinated was “a violation (potentially fatal) of the rights of others to life and health. This should be enforced as we enforce smoke-free work environments or no driving while drunk”. …

The vaccinated pose a greater risk than the unvaccinated:

If he is studying the emerging data from health authorities in the UK, he would also know the risk of being infected by a vaccinated person is higher than the risk of being infected by the unvaccinated.

The reason is prosaic: vaccinated people over 30 are more likely to be infected than the unvaccinated but are far less likely to develop symptoms, meaning they are less likely to call in sick when infected. …

Blundering on:

Modelling by the Doherty Institute demonstrated that the risk that hospitals would be overwhelmed by the unvaccinated was low once 80 per cent of adults were double-jabbed.

On Friday, the national vaccination rate reached 82.8 per cent and by the end of the week Victoria is likely to join NSW and the ACT with a vaccination rate of more than 90 per cent.

Yet there is precious little sign that the state apparatus built to enforce lockdowns is being dismantled. Instead, it is being deployed to make life miserable for the unvaccinated in ways that were not envisaged in the national plan.

Outrages continue:

On Friday last week, an unvaccinated teacher with a medical exemption certificate received a visit from the police at his Sydney home.

They were acting on a tip-off from one his teaching colleagues that he had celebrated his birthday at a particular local restaurant the previous evening.

A simple phone call by police would have confirmed that the restaurant had been closed, but this is the kind of harassment the unvaccinated must now expect. …


Meanwhile, in Victoria, police raided a respected GP’s surgery last week to confiscate the private health records of patients he had rightfully refused to surrender. This blatant breach of patient confidentiality was made possible by the Victorian government’s extraordinary emergency powers, the ones Premier Dan Andrews is seeking to extend indefinitely.

The raid was conducted without a warrant on the basis of unproven allegations that a patient or patients had been exempted from vaccination without justification.

During the vaccine honeymoon period, the vaccinated are less likely to catch covid, so you might assume (as our ruling class did) that the chances of a random vaccinated person you meet having covid would be less than the chances of a random unvaccinated person.

But, even during the honeymoon, thus might not be the case — simply because the vaccine suppresses the symptoms of covid, while doing little to check the viral growth and ability to spread the disease. Because the vaccinated catch covid and merrily carry on, you are more likely to met them. An unvaccinated person comes down with the symptoms and isolates, so you are less likely to meet them.

And after the honeymoon, you are much more likely to catch covid from the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. The honeymoon is only about fourth months for AZ and six months for Pfizer. After that, the vaccines offer little protection from catching covid, but still suppresses the symptoms for a couple more months. The emerging UK data suggests that the vaccinated become more likely to catch covid than the unvaccinated a couple of months after the honeymoon ends. Hope they like booster shots.

The long term threat from the vaccinated, of course, is that they are incubators for breeding covid mutants. More incubators = more and nastier mutants. In chickens, Marek’s disease went from being a mild flu type virus to 100% fatal, due to the widespread use of non-sterilizing vaccines (the current covid vaccines are non-sterilizing).

hat-tip Stephen Neil