Class divide: People who care about what gas costs versus those who don’t care

Class divide: People who care about what gas costs versus those who don’t care. By Tucker Carlson.

Gas prices are up and you’re seeing some stories about it in the media, but what’s interesting is how the press cover rising gas prices. If you look carefully, it’s pretty clear they’re not that interested in the topic. They just don’t find it compelling. In fact, they may be a little bored by it.

And that shouldn’t surprise you. There’s no greater divide in American life than the gap between people who care about what gas costs and the people who don’t care. It’s a cultural divide, obviously a chasm of class economics and geography, those who take Uber versus those who drive their own cars.



But it’s also deeper than that. On some level, the divide is about usefulness. Split the country into two groups: people who worry about the price of gasoline and people who worry about the fact that gasoline is still legal. And ask yourself: Which of these groups is more important to the functioning of the United States.

Hmm. Let’s see. On one side, you’ve got lawyers, H.R. directors, executives at climate change nonprofits, gender studies administrators, finance moguls, brain dead senators, columnists for the Atlantic magazine, highly paid Netflix producers like Michelle and Barack Obama, and, yes, prime time cable news anchors. This would be the grifter class. They do little, but they benefit greatly. As a practical matter, they are useless. They have no skills. Most of the time, they’re a drain on the actual economy and poison to the culture. The rest of us might be happier and more prosperous if they became truck drivers or moved to Paraguay.

That’s true, and on some level, everyone knows it’s true. And because it is true, that’s why these very same people spend so much time screaming about how essential they are, because it’s so obvious that they aren’t. Things worked perfectly well before we got H.R. departments.

On the other side of the gas price divide, you have everybody else, and this group includes the people who possess about 95% of the relevant skills you would need to keep a civilization going. Lose these people, and it’s the dark ages, literally dark. Your power grid shuts down. As it happens. These are the very people who’ve noticed and winced as the price of filling a tank has shot skyward over the past year. These are the people being hurt by rising gas prices, the ones who deserve it the least.

The Biden regime is about to shut a second petroleum pipeline from Canada, the L5.

The most galling part of all of it is none of this is an accident. America has more than enough energy to keep gas prices low. So why is this happening? Well, it’s being done on purpose by the party that hates gasoline. Gas engines are bad for the climate, Democrats tell us. They appear to believe that, but they also understand something else about gas.

Cars mean autonomy. If you’ve got a car, you can go wherever you want. The central planners cannot control you. They hate that. At this point, they can’t express a thought like that out loud because it’s too scary. So instead, they call you a racist. Watch.

CORI BUSH: For years you all have continued to promote fossil fuels despite knowing that promoting them means promoting environmental racism and violence in Black and Brown communities. You all are still promoting and selling fossil fuels that are killing millions of people. This is a striking example of White supremacy.

So fossil fuels are a “striking example of White supremacy.” That’s the latest thought bubble from prominent Democratic Party intellectual congresswoman Cori Bush of St. Louis. …

What’s interesting is that not a single prominent Democrat will tell Cori Bush to shut up and sit down. They’re not allowed to do that. So over time, Cori Bush’s ravings become official government policy. Why shouldn’t we shut down energy pipelines in the middle of an energy crisis? Pipelines are racist.

And having done that, which in fact they are now doing at this moment, why wouldn’t we shut down the energy companies themselves? If energy is racist, so are the corporations that sell it, so burn it all down and make way for utopia. That’s what they’re concluding.

Worst ruling class in centuries.