Will Australia follow Singapore and axe free coronavirus healthcare for the unvaccinated by choice?

Will Australia follow Singapore and axe free coronavirus healthcare for the unvaccinated by choice? By Gabrielle Reyes.

Singapore’s government — which currently provides free medical care to coronavirus patients — announced Monday it will no longer cover the costs of coronavirus-related medical bills for people who choose not to receive a Chinese coronavirus vaccine starting next month.

James Macpherson:

Public figures now openly suggest medical care should be denied to fellow Australians.

It is this last trend, most recently promoted by former NSW Premier and Australian foreign affairs minister Bob Carr, that is most chilling.

The senior ALP figure last night tweeted:

Bob Carr didn’t say if he also wanted us to follow Singapore’s lead in executing drug criminals, jailing people for selling chewing gum and fining people for walking around their own homes naked.

At this point Carr just wants to ensure that universal healthcare does not apply universally, but only to those whose medical decisions he agrees with. …

Bob Carr used to travel the world promoting human rights. He now imagines healthcare as a punitive measure. …

It is not coincidental that Carr’s tweet came just eight hours after the Queensland Premier had said unvaccinated citizens did not “deserve” freedom.

It’s only a small step from ‘unvaccinated people don’t deserve to go to the shop’, to ‘unvaccinated people don’t deserve to be treated in a public hospital’.

I wonder if Carr believes we should apply the same principle to other decisions he doesn’t like.

Should universal healthcare also be withheld from smokers or obese people or drink drivers or people who don’t get the flu shot or j-walkers or skydivers? Can you imagine a politician insisting no medical or hospital expenses should be reimbursed if a person has unprotected sex and contracts HIV? See how evil that sounds?

Should the sick and infirm first appear before a tribunal comprised of their betters to determine liability before they are either admitted to hospital or scolded and sent home in an Uber? …

Famed French microbiologist Louis Pasteur — who developed both the cholera and the rabies vaccines — insisted “tu souffres, cela suffit” which, translated, means “you are suffering, that is enough”.

This pandemic is bringing out the inner authoritarian in many lefties.

hat-tip Stephen Neil