Damn-the-torpedoes: Biden countermanded, huge payments for immigrants breaking American laws are back on

Damn-the-torpedoes: Biden countermanded, huge payments for immigrants breaking American laws are back on. By John Hinderaker.

When he was first asked about the prospect of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars — $450,000, to be exact — to illegal immigrants whose families were separated at the border, President Biden called the idea “garbage” and said it “[wasn’t] gonna happen.” Apparently those in the Justice Department who were responsible for the deal hadn’t bothered to brief the president.

When a few days later he was asked again about the rumored agreement, Biden, now having gotten the message, did a 180. This time, Biden castigated “the last administration” and said that illegal immigrants “deserve some kind of compensation,” although he professed total ignorance as to what the appropriate amount might be.

Presumably Susan Rice, Barack Obama, Ron Klain, or whoever it is that actually runs policy in the White House, brought Biden up to date on the program and told him what to say.

Biden’s first bounce was that of a normal person. Not being aware of the outrage that his own administration has in the works, he denounced reports of it as “garbage.” Not surprisingly, Biden’s reaction was the same as that of an overwhelming majority of Americans. …

What is interesting to me is that the Democrats couldn’t have imagined that their payoff scheme would be popular. …

The Democrats are in a damn-the-torpedoes mode, and are determined to accomplish as much of their extreme agenda as they can, regardless of the consequences.

Popularity with core Americans has nothing to do with it. This is about encouraging more non-core Americans to come to America and vote.

Or as Steven Hayward suggests:

The payment to illegal aliens is simply a dry run to establish the foundation for paying reparations for slavery. Since Congress is unlikely ever to vote for such a thing, how about a collusive lawsuit against the Biden Administration that the Justice Department “settles” in favor of reparations?

Oh, reparations. To transfer money from those who don’t vote left, to some of those who do. Election outcomes are coming to really matter, to determine who gets the government jobs and the money, just like in many African countries.