Hating Jews is Becoming a Leftist Purity Test

Hating Jews is Becoming a Leftist Purity Test. By Daniel Greenfield.

When Sunrise Movement DC issued its ultimatum that either the Jews had to be kicked out or it would boycott a D.C. statehood rally, it was a familiar purity test. And, like most purity tests, was about testing a willingness to hate people and endorse a new extremist position on demand.

Purity tests that have no constructive purpose except to undermine and oust a leadership that is insufficiently radical have become commonplace in the Reign of Terror era of American politics.

Competitive virtue signaling:

When Democrats adopt socialism, endorse the elimination of the police, tear down the statues of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln, champion critical race theory, and insist that there’s no such thing as men and women, it’s as the result of an escalating series of purity tests.

Hating Jews is just the latest progressive purity test.

Sunrise DC declared that it would not participate in events with what it falsely claimed were Zionist groups, but were actually, mostly fellow leftists who hate Israel as much as they do. …

Sunrise DC was actually imposing an anti-Semitism purity test on the Declaration for American Democracy, a pro-election rigging coalition. And true to form, its ultimatum was met with an uncomfortable refusal by other leftist groups and politicians to either condemn anti-Semitism or condemn the Jews. The purity test had succeeded.

Black Lives Matter D.C. swiftly jumped in to declare that Sunrise D.C’s “statement wasn’t anti-Semitic, no matter how many times oppressors want to repeat it.” This was as much a threat to any leftist, prog, or liberal who might want to stand up to anti-Semitism, as it was to Jews. Fail the anti-Semitism purity test and Black Lives Matter will damn you as an oppressor.

The left is turning against their Jewish “opressors” (everyone is either oppressed or oppressors, right?).

The same Democrat establishment that tossed away American history, including its own opposition to racism, support for women’s rights, and dozens of other things that it used to claim were principles, but actually turned out to be mere shibboleths, was ready to throw Jews on the bonfire of its convictions. Not that it should have surprised anyone except Jewish leftists. …

Sunrise DC and BLM DC were running the same play that their members had likely taken part in on college campuses where Jewish students are routinely ousted from student government and campus positions on the pretext that they must be Zionists …

The leap of these anti-Semitic purges from the campus to major leftist advocacy groups foreshadows the next stage of the leap when they become a fundamental reality of public life in the institutions, private and public, controlled by the new generation of identity politics leftists.

Hating Jews, under the putative guise of opposing Zionism, is about to become a core progressive value. And those values have become the moral code of the ruling class. …


American Jews have tried to convince themselves that individual incidents, first on campuses and then in the streets, violence and vandalism under the guise of political correctness, did not make a pattern. They have gone on trying to ignore these “random events” while refusing to connect the dots, and trying to silence those who were connecting the dots for them.

And when they finally do connect the dots, they’re eager to blame Israel, not the anti-Semites.

But the Left was purging Jews before there was a modern State of Israel on the grounds that they were reactionaries, bourgeois, cosmopolitans, or any number of similar accusations.

Zionism is just the latest politically correct excuse for hating Jews. And it’s not the only one. …

Ideologues at work gaining power, who are the next victims?

Anti-Semitism is just one more stop on the extremist expressway. Like critical race theory and much of the rest of identity politics, it divides people into those who deserve to be beaten and those who deserve to do the beating to distract everyone from the fact that the leftist ideology of victims and oppressors is really about creating plenty more of both as grist for its political mill.

The Sunrise Movement claims that the planet is on the verge of destruction and Black Lives Matter insists that the greatest threat to black people are police officers, both are absurd lies, but like anti-Semitism they’re really weaponized distractions for a massive power grab.

Yesterday’s victims are today’s oppressors. What remains fixed is the quest for power and money by psychopaths.