Tricking 50 percent plus one into believing that their version of truth is better than the truth itself

Tricking 50 percent plus one into believing that their version of truth is better than the truth itself. By the Z-Man.

It is tempting to write this off as a general decline of public morality or the corruption of the political class. It goes further than that.

The truth itself has been purged from the public square and the general culture. This is most obvious with the mass media that Donald Trump famously mocked as “fake news.” His taunt worked because it identified the only thing we can trust about the news: It is always fake.

A good example is the latest indictment regarding the Russian collusion hoax from the Trump years. Special counsel John Durham has charged Igor Danchenko with multiple counts of lying to the FBI. Danchenko is a Russian national who was employed by the Clinton campaign to peddle the Russian collusion hoax. He worked with Christopher Steele on the fake dossier at the center of the scandal.

Political dirty tricks are nothing new, and the Clinton machine made Richard Nixon look like a choirboy when it came to dirty dealing.

What matters here is every news outlet in the country ran with this story. The New York Times reorganized their political coverage to focus on this issue. The Washington Post had several full-time reporters working the Russian collusion beat. The cable channels made it their singular focus.

The thing is, they knew it was a lie all along. That is the other part of this story that is now leaking out in these indictments. Durham has also charged Perkins Coie partner Michael Sussmann in connection with this hoax. Sussmann was shopping this thing to every government agency and every media outlet. He was allegedly riding around on a golf cart at the DNC convention, pushing this story to media outlets.

In other words, everyone in Washington knew this was just a Clinton dirty trick, but they played make-believe for years helping to sell it.

The former head of the FBI, James Comey, did multiple interviews where he said the dossier was probably true, even though he was told from the beginning that it was fake. That is the other thing being revealed in these indictments: The FBI knew it was fake all along.

The thing is, most of these people could plausibly claim to have been duped and then apologize for being stupid. The chattering skulls on the cable channels, people like Rachel Maddow, who sold this hoax for years, could turn it into a win. Imagine her blubbering an apology for having been so foolish as to trust the Clintons. She would get buried in passionate hosannas from the mass media.

That would require shame or at least the understanding that humans on this planet feel shame when caught doing something wrong. Of course, that requires an understanding of the difference between right and wrong. That requires the belief that there is such a thing as truth that transcends our wants and needs.

No one in public life thinks there is such a thing as truth. For them the difference between the truth and a lie is utility. …

Liberal democracy depends on the ability of those with power or seeking power to trick 50 percent plus one into believing that their version of truth is better than the truth itself.

Ours is a system that hates the truth, so it despises men who seek it and embrace it. This age is a wilderness of lies in which the winner is the one most able to trick his fellow citizens to his advantage. As a result, there is a casual acceptance of the war on truth and morality.

Reality is the thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it. The reality of the human condition is you cannot escape the truth of it. One of those truths is that there is an enduring moral order and moral truths are permanent. This is the flame that keeps the dissident warm in this winter of Western civilization. In the great liberal democratic war on truth, the truth will prevail.

What will it take to overturn our current corrupt and mendacious ruling class? The Clintons are going to age out, but it will take much more than that.