Redefining “sexual assault” to increase the number of taxpayer funded bureaucrats

Redefining “sexual assault” to increase the number of taxpayer funded bureaucrats. By Bettina Arndt.

The activists are having another go following their disappointment over the 2016-million-dollar survey from Australian Human Rights Commission which found only 0.8 percent of students reported any type of “sexual assault” per year, even including incidents such as a grope from a stranger on the train to university. The AHRC disguised these disappointing results by claiming widespread campus “sexual violence” which was actually mainly low-grade harassment like “unwanted staring”.

Universities were bullied into establishing a huge industry staffed by Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment (SASH) bureaucrats and counsellors, supporting secretive committees running kangaroo courts adjudicating sexual assault.

“Loitering” and “invading personal space” … are the latest additions to the ever-expanding definition of sexual harassment included in the new survey. … “Inappropriate staring” is now just “staring”. It’s hard to imagine any student who could say they have never been subjected to staring. And even if they have never been stared at themselves, surely everyone could tick the box asking if they had witnessed this happening to anyone else on campus?

Who could deny experiencing someone “making comments or asking intrusive questions about your private life, body or physical appearance”? As we know, one person’s compliment is another’s intrusive question in an era where even using the wrong pronoun could be seen as an inappropriate comment on a private life. Tricky stuff, indeed.

Harassment and sexual assault is only when you are asked out or stared at by someone you’re not interested in:

It gets worse. The section on harassment of students now includes, “Making requests for sex or repeated invitations to go out on a date.” So, apparently you are only allowed to ask once for a date – twice is harassment.

But isn’t “making requests for sex” exactly what the feminists demand in their new enthusiastic consent laws? The new survey labels that as harassment yet all sexual acts including kissing are now deemed sexual assault if your partner “made no effort to check whether you agreed or not.”

If everything is sexual assault, then nothing is:

Students are told that any sexual experience, including a kiss, which lacks that prior check for consent is now sexual assault. Ditto intoxicated sex of any kind. The survey defines all sexual acts as assault if you were “affected by drugs or alcohol.” …

While the previous survey asked questions about events taking place in 2015-16, in the new survey the timing seems to be open-ended — the events could have happened anytime. So, a mature age student could report on any event from 30-40 years ago, but their experiences are claimed as evidence of our current campus rape crisis. Neat, isn’t it? …

The survey also asks students to report on not only their own experiences but also if another student from their university “told you, or you suspected, that they may have been sexually assaulted in a university context.” So, the data will include not just hearsay evidence — say, something you read in a student newsletter — but students’ own fanciful assumptions about what might have happened to another person.

Similarly, they are asked if they had witnessed another person being sexually harassed. The survey itself points out that sexual harassment is about conduct which the recipient regards as unwelcome, or leaves them offended, humiliated or intimated. Yet they assume that it’s ok for other people to make that decision for the other person. Wow, this is taking manipulation of data to a whole new level. …

What’s the bet that next year our biased media will use this manipulated data to scream blue murder about increased sexual violence and the mighty SASH industry will have their hands out seeking more money to tackle the growing crisis?

It is male students who are the targets of this never-ending campaign to encourage women to redefine disappointing sexual misadventures as sexual assault. For their sakes, we all have to find ways to speak out and expose this malicious, ongoing social engineering.

Gosh, now I find out I was sexually assaulted for years at high school and university. It all seemed so unremarkable at the time.

The big picture: A new problem has been found (or created). The solution will require more bureaucrats, on good taxpayer funded salaries! But how much non-productivity can society bear?