“Let’s Go Brandon” threatens to Redpill the USA

“Let’s Go Brandon” threatens to Redpill the USA. By Joanne Nova.

It’s the laughter that gives it away.

The power of the phrase Let’s Go Brandon is that it’s a coded message. In an unguarded moment it reveals how many people in the room get the joke. In a safe way, everyone who disapproves of Woke, political correctness, media activism or Joe Biden can see for themselves that nearly everyone around them does too. …

It’s a new form of mass rebellion in an era when cancel culture, censorship, and media bias suppressed the other options.

As Matt Taibbi explains, the masses are trolling the same media hacks and pompous elite players who were fine with four years of yelling “F*^* Trump”. And while F*^* Joe Biden is a protest cry, Let’s Go Brandon is so much better. It’s politer, funnier and pops the media bubble too. Conservatives who would not be comfortable with a crass chant can get in on the joke. Anyone fed up with media propaganda can join in, which is a lot people.

And that’s what makes it so dangerous for the Culture Controllers. They use kindergarten namecalling and bullying to win victories they don’t deserve but it’s all incredibly fragile. Bullies need to isolate people so they can intimidate them into silence. They can’t bully the whole crowd, and once everyone in the group realizes that they are all targets together, the weapon breaks. Bullies can’t mock a crowd that is mocking them. It’s an Emperors-New-Clothes moment.

The Culture Controllers have successfully twisted most of the potent Right Wing words into weapons against the right. It stops the non-left from getting together behind one banner. The “Alt-Right” was quickly turned from being a broad anti-establishment term to a White Supremacist badge, and good people fled. …

Let’s Go Brandon threatens to Redpill the USA about the FakeNews media, and the unpopularity of Mr 80-million-votes. The faster it spreads, the harder it will be for the namecallers to twist it into “domestic terrorism”. So run Brandon, run. The moment is here.

So much classier than “F*** Joe Biden”, it also pokes at the media’s lying for the Dems.