Democrats Are Right To Be Scared About Losing The Parent Vote

Democrats Are Right To Be Scared About Losing The Parent Vote. By Joy Pullman.

Polling in the Virginia elections just concluded this week showed parents breaking for Republicans over education policies, which has Democrats alarmed.

On MSNBC Wednesday, a former Obama campaign manager declared, in an urgent tone, “The one thing that we need to make sure that Republicans in 2022 don’t become is the party of parents. Because we need to be the party of parents.”

It’s too late; that’s already happening.

Even the hoax-mongering New York Times can see it, and they’re afraid too. On Nov. 4, the Times issued a hysterical article covering the Virginia results with the same motif. “Republicans Pounce on Schools as a Wedge Issue to Unite the Party,” read the headline, followed by this malicious smear in the subheading: “Rallying around what it calls ‘parental rights,’ the party is pushing to build on its victories this week by stoking white resentment and tapping into broader anger at the education system.” …

The multiracial coalition of parents who want neo-racism out of their children’s publicly funded schools might have something to say about that, as might the multiracial GOP politicians elected Tuesday night in Virginia, but we already know The New York Times doesn’t exist to report facts — it exists to control opinion.

Democrats have reason to be afraid of losing the parent vote, and they’re demonstrating that fear by deploying the only weapon they have left: false accusations of racism. The truth is, it’s an existential threat to their party if American parents as a demographic begin shifting to the Republican Party — and that is already well on its way.

The Dems lost the white women’s vote by teaching their children that whites are uniquely evil and racist. And then labeling the parents “domestic terrorists” when they complained at school board meetings. Amazing.