Bosses? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Bosses

Bosses? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Bosses. By John Conlin.

This glorious country — the most successful wealth and freedom-producing entity ever created — was founded on a profound insight: no bosses required.

Rather, the founders of this country had a grand vision of a country of free people. No kings. No rulers. No bosses. By limiting the power of government — and the myriad of bosses who wish to reside in it — the founders sought to protect the power of individuals. This was a process which unleashed the genius and wisdom of millions and made this country the envy of the world.



Unfortunately, over the past 100 years or so we have foolishly allowed political snake-oil salesmen — wannabe bosses — to attack this genius design. Top-down, “we know best” hierarchical organizational structures became all the rage.

This new age of man was supposed to usher in a glorious unleashing of human potential. Those in government quickly embraced this new way of thinking — as they saw themselves as the bosses of an ever-expanding ruling class — and the seeds they planted have permeated almost every aspect of life.

Now it seems government employees — both elected and unelected — and “experts” by the truckload, in effect, have become our bosses, covering most aspects of our lives. They rule over us with a militaristic, top-down, we-know-best structure from which there seems to be no escape.

Sadly, this is the path of any government that doesn’t adhere to strict limitations on its scope and power — it is the nature of the beast.

Almost every problem in this country has its roots in this new, boss-structured system design. Culture wars? Wokeness? Right versus Left? Public education battles fought through forced enrollment in government schools? At their roots, all these new institutions are created by the boss-system design — and if we don’t adjust course, bosses will be the end of us all.

The Biden Administration’s latest multitrillion-dollar, 2,400-page bill? It’s 2,400 pages of bosses. Obamacare? A couple thousand pages plus perhaps 20,000 pages of regulations. Bosses, bosses everywhere.

The “battle” to fight climate change is the most boss-producing action ever known to man. It envisions thousands of new and more powerful bosses in every area of your life. Why climate change requires an explosion of government bosses is never fully explained but some boss somewhere said it is required, and thus it is so. …

Freedom is self-organizing. It takes care of itself. Bosses just screw this up.

Yep. But try telling that to someone whose job depends on big government, and who has no confidence that they could earn a decent living if they were paid by people voluntarily giving them money in exchange for goods and services — instead of paid by taxes collected with the threat of government violence.