Biden On Illegal Immigrant Payoffs: Never Mind

Biden On Illegal Immigrant Payoffs: Never Mind. By John Hinderaker.

News circulated last month that the Biden administration was planning a payoff scheme whereby illegal border crossers would get $450,000 apiece, or $1 million per family, from U.S. taxpayers. … Illegals would be grotesquely rewarded by American taxpayers for violating our laws …

One can only imagine the feedback that those who run the “Biden administration” received to this proposal. It must have been so grim that Joe Biden has now backtracked: Joe Biden Backs Off $450K Payouts to Border Crossers: ‘Not Going to Happen’.

On Wednesday, while promoting vaccines for the Chinese coronavirus, Biden claimed reports about the $450,000 payouts were “garbage” and called them “not true.”

More likely, Biden’s handlers just didn’t like the political fallout when the absurd scheme was exposed. …

Trying it on. In the meantime, can you imagine the effect on potential illegal immigrants? Free health care, free education, assistance with housing, great schools — and maybe $1m! Let’s immigrate to the US.