Revenge Of The Normals

Revenge Of The Normals. By Rod Dreher.

I think the meaning of [yesterday’s narrow Republican victory in the election for Governor in blue state Virginia] is that normal people are sick of progressive bullying, and took revenge. Look:

Let’s be careful not to overinterpret this. Remember that despite the mendacity and flat-out racism of the McAuliffe campaign, Youngkin only barely beat him. There are still plenty of voters satisfied with the Democratic Party’s direction. …

Is Gov. Youngkin, a wealthy Mitt Romney-style Republican, willing and able to go hard against progressive racism in the schools, and other manifestations of wokeness? We will see. He is a rich suburban Republican who is going to have to be a traitor to his class to get this stuff done. Godspeed to him.

That said … what a night! It is delicious to watch and read all the media leftists squawking and screaming about RACISM having won. They all live in such airtight bubbles that they can’t see how alienating their radicalism is to normal Americans. It turns out a lot of voters don’t appreciate their kids being propagandized with progressive race hatred and gender insanity. Batya Ungar-Sargon is right: this is class warfare, though it manifests as culture war. …

Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance gave a rousing speech on the theme that universities are the enemy. Not too long ago, I would have thought that was a crazy idea. … J.D. talked about how American universities are the origin of this poison that is killing our country. Where do you think Critical Race Theory, which is teaching our children to hate themselves and each other on the basis of race, comes from? Where does gender ideology come from? J.D. told me later, “When you realize that progressive politics is cover for elite dispossession of people, it’s really liberating.”

The ruling class are not a majority, and their hold on the US electorate’s mind is clearly slipping. As always, the left overreaches, because they live in a media bubble where they are immune from criticism. So like Trump’s election in 2016, this result will come as a shock to them. Right now they will be vowing to ramp up their election stealing measures for 2022.

hat-tip Stephen Neil