First Australian Covid Vax, approved overseas, but instead of a medal we sack Prof Petrovsky

First Australian Covid Vax, approved overseas, but instead of a medal, we sack Prof Petrovsky . By Nicholas Jensen.

One of Australia’s most respected vaccinologists, who spearheaded the development of the Australian-made Covax-19, is facing immediate dismissal from Adelaide’s Flinders Medical Centre after he refused to get jabbed with an approved vaccine.

Nikolai Petrovsky, who has already administered himself with two doses of Covax-19, said he was issued a “threatening” and “draconian” letter from South Australia Health mandating that he gets vaccinated with a jab currently approved by the Therapeutics Goods Administration.

As of Monday, staff at all South Australian public and private hospitals have had to provide proof of vaccination in order to continue working. But Professor Petrovsky insisted he will not be subjecting himself to another round of vaccination to satisfy “arbitrary bureaucracy”, telling The Australian it would be “dangerous” and potentially “counter-productive” to his health. …

Professor Petrovsky, who is the Flinders Medical Centre’s director of endocrinology, said Covax-19 completed its Phase 1 clinical trials back in August 2020 and had recently been approved for use in Iran. It remains the most advanced of Australia’s locally developed vaccines.

“I think any reasonable person would recognise that it’s (the mandate) arbitrary,” he said. …

“I’m fully vaccinated. I’m not against vaccines, I’m a vaccine developer. Nobody could be more pro-vaccine. It would be a bit paradoxical if I wasn’t allowed to work,” he said.

Joanne Nova:

The first traditional vaccine for Covid that’s based on protein anywhere in the world has been approved for use. It was designed in Australia, but can’t be used here. …

It has just been approved for use in Iran where Stage 2 and 3 trials were conducted. He said he would stand by his vaccine and even accept liability, unlike all the current vaccine makers who demand waivers.

Professor Nicolai Petrovsky is hopeful though, that after “the excellent Phase 3 trial results” he will be able to get approval in many countries, maybe even in Australia? But our government-funded TGA won’t consider it until his team pays over $300,000 so they can assess it. …

The Australian Government has spent $1.9 billion on other vaccines, but can’t find 300k for the most successful Australian vaccine in years?

The situation is so comic, Petrovsky has had to resort to crowdfunding, so they can afford to pay our government to get approval. They have set up a GoFundMe page, which has already raised $290,000 out of the $326,000 already.

I’ve donated. (Don’t call me anti-vax, I put money into vaccine research 🙂 )

Vaccines are not all the same:

A protein vaccine is a simpler creature than the new mRNA vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna). It’s simpler than Astra Zenica too, which is based on using genes inside a common cold virus vector. Novavax is also a protein vaccine (but it is not approved anywhere yet).

Like Novavax, Covax-19 uses a form of the infamous spike protein, but because the protein is made, purified and then injected, each person receives an exact known dose, and there is no need for any genetic material to be introduced inside our cells. There’s little risk of autoimmune disorders, like myocarditis, because the spike isn’t made inside our own cells and isn’t expressed on the surface of them. When healthy cells express the spike, our immune system is more likely to mistake them as a foreign threat which triggers the autoimmune disease.

The adjuvant used is also promising. An adjuvant is designed to wake up our immune systems so they pay attention to something that essentially poses no threat (in theory). In many vaccines the adjuvant is just aluminium hydroxide (would you believe), but Covax-19 doesn’t contain any heavy metals. Petrovsky uses the incredibly safe plant fibre called “inulin” plus a small oligosaccharide (a small odd type of sugar unit).

Rebecca Weisser: There’s no immunity to bureaucratic madness.

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky has just developed Australia’s first successful vaccine in 40 years. In any approximation of a normal world, he would be feted as the living incarnation of the government’s much trumpeted aspiration to be an ‘innovation nation’. Instead, he has been stood down by his university and threatened with arrest if he sets foot in his office. …

The results of Petrovsky’s trials in monkeys, ferrets and hamsters showed not only that his vaccine was safe but that vaccinated animals produced neutralising antibodies in the nose and throat, blocking transmission to animals which had not been immunised. Before injecting the vaccine into a single person, Petrovsky injected it into himself to demonstrate his confidence in the product. Compare that with the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla who began dosing people with its experimental vaccine on April 23, 2020. Bourla didn’t get his first shot of the Pfizer vaccine until 21 March 2021. …

Petrovsky says a government MP told him that doors would remain closed to him in Canberra unless he paid a lobbyist to open them. Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck, Novartis and Sanofi on the other hand all have the deepest pockets to smooth their way.

Our ruling class sometimes act as if they had rocks in their heads.

hat-tip Stephen Neil