5 Takeaways from Glenn Youngkin’s Victory in Virginia

5 Takeaways from Glenn Youngkin’s Victory in Virginia. By James Pinkerton.

Republican Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia gubernatorial race by what appears to be a comfortable margin. Here are five quick takeaways.

1. If this race is a bellwether for 2022, next year will be a monster landslide for Republicans.

Joe Biden won Virginia last year by 10.1 points. And the previous Republican gubernatorial nominee, four years ago, lost by 8.9 points. In fact, until Tuesday, no Republican had won anything statewide in Virginia since 2009. …

If Republicans were to make Virginia-sized gains nationwide in 2022, we’d be looking at a midterm monster landslide on the order of (if not bigger than) the GOP “Tea Party” victory in 2010.

2. Electoral politics is about addition, not subtraction. Youngkin won by winning back the suburbs. …

3. The “culture war” issues are winners for Republicans.

There’s a lesson from the military: Ride to the sound of the guns. In combat, if there’s shooting, it’s best to go help your side, while always seeking out victory. And that’s just what Youngkin did on two education issues: Covid-19 school closures and Critical Race Theory (CRT).

In Virginia, the “sound of the guns” was loudest in Loudoun County, about 40 miles outside of Washington, DC. Joe Biden carried the county, with its population of more than 400,000, by a whopping 24 points last year; and yet this year, Loudoun parents were furious about school lockdowns and CRT — and that was before reports came out about a rape in a school bathroom that was covered up by politically correct Loudoun County school authorities. …

4. If your opponent makes a mistake, pounce on it and never let it go–especially when that mistake puts the government between parents and their children.

In a September 28 gubernatorial debate, Youngkin, recalling Democratic opponent Terry McAuliffe’s earlier stint as governor, attacked McAuliffe for vetoing a bill that would have given parents more authority over school libraries. In response, McAuliffe not only defended that old veto, but added a new blanket statement, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

To which Youngkin responded, “I believe parents should be in charge of their kids’ education.”

It was a mic drop moment.

And then the Youngkin campaign followed up, tweeting out Virginia state law, which states, “A parent has a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care of the parent’s child.” …

It’s during this time that Youngkin starting surging …

5. Respond rapidly and unflinchingly to the left’s baseless attacks.

Late last month, somebody on the Democratic side thought it would be a brilliant stunt to replay the Charlottesville “tiki torch” march from 2017, so as to make Youngkin look like some sort of neo-Nazi. In response, the Youngkin campaign worked with allies to unmask the dirty trick, demonstrating that the torchbearers were, in fact, Democratic operatives. Then, with proof of Democratic culpability in hand, Youngkin went on the offensive, relentlessly pinning the blame on his opponent.

As Youngkin told told Breitbart News on October 30, “It was done by the Democrats. … Virginians are absolutely rejecting this partisan, divisive politics that’s been the trademark of Terry McAuliffe’s 43-year political career.” Here we can see Youngkin, deft operator that he is, not only linking the nastiness to McAuliffe, but also reminding voters that McAuliffe is a lifelong DC swamp dweller.

So that’s how Youngkin did it. He got the old Republican band back together. Then he riffed on new issues, worked his tail off, and kept faith with his most important fans.

Youngkin seems to have won by more than the margin of fraud, but watch out for some dirty tricks that require vote recounting leading to a Democrat victory.

John Hinderaker:

The far Left, i.e. MSNBC, is making excuses. Critical Race Theory? It doesn’t exist! (But it’s awesome!) And those Republican winners? They’re insurrectionists!

This lack of self-knowledge in the Democratic Party promises to turn 2022 into a tsunami. …

Some have been wondering, what is wrong with white women? Here are some numbers:

Virginia 2020 —> White women 50% Biden (D), 49% Trump (R)
Virginia 2021 —> White women 57% Youngkin (R), 43% McAuliffe (D)
A 15-point swing to the GOP with this group.

CRT does not play well with mothers

Babylon Bee: Democrat Terry McAuliffe Baffled That Telling Parents The State Owns Their Children Wasn’t A Winning Strategy.

Terry McAuliffe said he’s completely confused that telling parents the state owns their children, that parents have no say over what their kids learn in school, and that repulsively disgusting pornographic books are good for kids didn’t prove to be electorally popular.

“It’s so weird,” a crestfallen McAuliffe told reporters. “We pulled out all the stops: we told parents that we own their children’s minds, that they’re wards of the state, and that their children should read horrific LGBTQ+ pornography in their school libraries, and it just didn’t seem to connect with the people for some reason.”


Q. Why did the Dems lose in Virginia?

A. The fake ballots were printed in China and they’re all still stuck on a ship waiting in LA harbor!

hat-tip Stephen Neil