Leftist thought leaders declare intact families effectively racist

Leftist thought leaders declare intact families effectively racist. By Monica Showalter.

As if wokester madness has yet to peak, leftists have come up with new idiocy: declaring intact two-intact families “racism”:

Get a load of this from Kendall Quall, writing at The Federalist:

A leftist group is pushing the theory that the two-parent home represents ‘family privilege’ and creates barriers to equal opportunity, when in reality such families are proven to be better for kids.

Despite its name, the National Council on Family Relations is looking to destroy American families. It claims that the nuclear family — consisting of father, mother, and children — is merely an extension of white supremacy. NCFR has joined with critical race theorists and Black Lives Matter in this outright attack on the foundational values and norms of American culture.

It’s lunacy.  For years, the left has been trying to say one form of “family” is just as good for kids as another.  Now they seem to be acknowledging that they’ve lost that argument and are declaring the inevitable output of a fatherless home a form of racism, with the predictable term “family privilege.”

You’ve heard of white skin privilege, right?  Now there’s “family privilege,” and it’s been declared just as pernicious.

The left seems to finally recognize that children in intact families, no matter what their color, do better. Children in two-parent families have less poverty, less abuse, fewer social problems, and fewer disciplinary and behavioral problems than children without that blessing. The presence of a father to look up to is a blessing and a gift for kids, even if the father is less than perfect.


Rather than encourage two-parent families as the best of the best for underprivileged black children and other children in poverty, this idiot group condemns the children who have this blessing as hopeless racists. Apparently, they’d like to level all kids down to the lowest common denominator and let the state take over.

Ahhh, the state must take over, comrade. The state is going to need more employees and more bureaucrats — can you guess who they will be?