Liberal Meltdown Over Tucker Carlson Doc Exposing Dark Truth Behind 1/6

Liberal Meltdown Over Tucker Carlson Doc Exposing Dark Truth Behind 1/6. By Darren Beattie at Revolver.

America’s anemic and illegitimate globalist ruling class are a psychologically fragile bunch in the best of times. But now, they are in full-blown meltdown mode after the announcement of Tucker Carlson’s Fox Nation special investigating FBI incitement of the January 6 Capitol incident and the wider persecution campaign by the federal government against patriots, MAGA supporters, and America-Firsters across the country.

After ten months of distortions, exaggerations, and outright lies, the truth about 1/6 is finally coming out, and the liberal guardians of the Regime are not ready for it. …

The announcement on Wednesday night immediately generated a huge surge of interest, with millions viewing the trailer in a matter of hours. …

Liz Cheney (R) lost it and asked to speak to Tucker’s manager. “It appears that @FoxNews is giving @TuckerCarlson a platform to spread the same type of lies that provoked violence on January 6. As @FoxNews knows, the election wasn’t stolen and January 6 was not a “false flag” operation.”

Of course, Cheney herself has spread plenty of actual lies about January 6. Back on January the 8th, Liz blindly repeated the lie that Brian Sicknick was murdered by a violent MAGA mob.

The modern left does not argue, it censors:

With so much interest in discovering what really happened on January 6, the Regime might have responded by making its own documentary. This Regime certainly has no shortage of newspapers, websites, TV stations, and Facebook groups to put out its preferred narrative.

But the Regime media is not in the business of information. It is in the business of propaganda that props up the increasingly unstable and illegitimate American Regime. The Regime narrative is in such a shoddy state of disrepair — it is seemingly held together with only duct tape, chicken wire, and Jim Acosta’s spittle — that they have desperately taken on a new mission. Their new mission is not simply to spread the official narrative, but also to make sure it is the only narrative in existence. …

Comparing Tucker Carlson to Alex Jones was apparently the Regime’s favored narrative-du-jour. This comparison wasn’t chosen randomly, but for a specific purpose: To demand that Tucker Carlson be censored, preferably immediately, just as Alex Jones was banned from every social media platform three years ago.

The American propaganda press is so terrified of an honest investigation into January 6 that rather than try to argue against it, they simply want it silenced outright.

Former Time Magazine managing editor Richard Stengel, a Russia hoax hysteric, called for a total boycott of all Fox programs in his frenzy to suppress Tucker’s program. …

Others went even further, demanding the U.S. government itself step in, nullify the First Amendment, and criminalize Carlson’s documentary.

As its fantasies become ever more divorced from reality, the modern left increasingly relies on censorship:

The more incompetent and illegitimate a Regime is, and the more fragile and outrageous the lies on which it is based, the more it must rely on censorship and total control of information. The American Regime — what we call the Globalist American Empire — has reached just such a state.

Indeed, the power structure of the entire United States is based on such evil, malicious, and ludicrous lies that it is likely that a single, completely uncensored weekly broadcast would be enough to bring down the Globalist American Empire just like the Soviet Union before it. In short, censorship is not an option for our corrupt ruling class; it is an imperative, and an increasingly urgent one at that. …

The stakes are simply too high for normal “market forces” to govern the information economy. As Revolver News pointed out, news organizations of a sufficient size are ultimately about influence, not profits. Just as the primary role of a subsidiary company is to redound to the benefit of a parent company, the role of media at the highest level is to redound to be benefit of its metaphorical parent company, which is the American power structure.

Tucker’s documentary sounds very interesting. Think I’ll watch it (first episode out Mon Nov 1, on Fox Nation).