Why Joe Biden refuses to release secret John F Kennedy files

Why Joe Biden refuses to release secret John F Kennedy files. By James Galbraith, son of John Kenneth Galbraith, who served as US ambassador to India under President John F. Kennedy.

Brood with me on the latest delay of the full release of the records pertaining to the murder of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963. That was 58 years ago. …

What “identifiable harm” could there possibly be? In reporting this story, The New York Times reminds us that an exhaustive, “year-long inquiry into the murder led by chief justice Earl Warren concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone”. Oswald, like Kennedy, has been dead for 58 years. If he acted alone, and if an exhaustive inquiry established this fact 57 years ago, what secret could be left? If he acted alone, there were no other guilty parties. Not then, not 29 years later, and not today. …

Most Americans accept a conspiracy theory. They can see that the “lone gunman” story cannot be reconciled with the claim that national defence, intelligence operations, or foreign relations in 2021 would be compromised by releasing all documents, with no redactions, as required by law, nearly 58 years after Kennedy’s assassination by that lone gunman.

I am not accusing Biden, or the agencies whose advice he accepted on these matters, of breaking the law. On the contrary, I take them at their word: that in their view, a full disclosure of all documents would compromise military, intelligence, and foreign relations.

It is not difficult to imagine how. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that there was a conspiracy. Suppose that the remaining documents, together with those already released, were to establish — or permit private citizens to establish — what most Americans already believe. In that case, it would be obvious that the cover-up involved senior US government officials — including the leaders of the very agencies currently being tasked with reviewing the records. And, as a point of logic, it follows that in every succeeding cohort, under every president, the cover-up has continued. Isn’t that the only plausible way the current interests of those agencies might be damaged?

The irony is that by withholding the records, the US government has already admitted, without saying so, that the Warren Commission lied and that there are vile secrets which it is determined to protect. It concedes, without saying so, that there was a conspiracy and that there is an ongoing cover-up. If there were not, all the records would have been released long ago. You don’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to see this.

The CIA invented the term “conspiracy theorist” in 1967 as a putdown for those not believing the official version of the Kennedy assassination. Yet, it seems there really was a conspiracy, and a coverup that continues to this day. How ironic.