The vaccinated, not the unvaccinated, are driving the pandemic

The vaccinated, not the unvaccinated, are driving the pandemic. By Rebecca Weisser.

When Victorian Premier Dan Andrews promised this week to continue to punish the unvaccinated well into next year, the #IStandWithDan brigade applauded as usual. Andrews has spent the last eighteen months blaming others for the course of the pandemic in his state; the unvaccinated are just the latest scapegoats. …

Vaccines do initially prevent people from catching Covid, but as the experience of Israel, the US and the UK attests, effectiveness begins to wane almost immediately. …

As efficacy declines, double-vaccinated people are more likely to catch Covid than the unvaccinated, with rates of infection in double-vaccinated people higher in every age group over 30.

In those 30-39 years old, the infection rate is 824 per hundred thousand in the double-vaxxed compared to 710 in the unvaccinated, giving a vaccine efficacy rate of -16 per cent. This skyrockets to -109 percent in those aged 40-49 where the infection rate per 100,000 is 1,456 in the fully vaccinated and only 696 in the unvaccinated. For those aged 50-59, vaccine efficacy is -85 per cent, for those aged 60-69, it is -88 per cent, for those aged 70-79, it’s -79 per cent and for those aged 80 and over, it’s -22 per cent.

This suggests that over time, vaccine-induced antibodies don’t simply dwindle to zero, they make the vaccinated person progressively more likely to catch Covid than the unvaccinated. It is not clear why.

The vaccinated are not just more likely to catch Covid, they are more likely to spread it. A study from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) done in Wisconsin showed that vaccinated people have the same high viral loads as unvaccinated people when they are symptomatic, but a much higher percentage of vaccinated people (82 per cent) had high viral loads while asymptomatic compared with unvaccinated people (29 per cent). This means unvaccinated people are less likely to spread Covid than vaccinated people because the former are more likely to stay home in bed whereas the latter are much more likely to go to work. …

One thing is certain. The unvaccinated are in no way a threat to the vaccinated. All the evidence points to the opposite. After a brief honeymoon of a few weeks to months, the pandemic is driven by vaccinated rather than unvaccinated people.

I wait for confirmation from more sources before taking this as gospel, but it fits a trend and other supporting evidence — such as the higher all-cause mortality for the vaccinated than the unvaccinated, now being reported from the UK (presumably because vaccines are killing people but not counted as vaccine deaths in official statistics). Hmmm.

The vaccines do largely prevent hospitalization and death, but only for a honeymoon period of a few months (how many?). After some period of months (again, how many?), they might even make you more likely to catch and transmit covid. We sure aren’t going to reach herd immunity like that. What other surprises lie ahead as our experience with these covid vaccines grows?

As empirical results from real-world experience replace theoretical projections from the drug companies, these vaccines just get worse and worse. And ivermectin keeps looking better and better. So how culpable will be the people who pushed vaccines but banned ivermectin?