Greg Hunt may not be a nice person at all

Greg Hunt may not be a nice person at all. By David Archibald.

There are three groups unhappy with the world as it is and want to change it: the Islamists, the Chicoms and the globalists. It is easy enough to guess who in Federal Parliament are the agents of the Islamists and the Chicoms.

But who represents the globalists? That would be Greg Hunt, the Liberal member for Flinders in Victoria. To provide background to that story, we will first detail some of the antics of the Biden crime family.

Biden pater was the Obama regime pointman for China and Ukraine, two of the most corrupt places on the planet relative to the money involved. Joe Biden visited Ukraine six times as vice president. Hunter Biden founded investment company Rosemont Seneca in 2009. Rosemont contributed to the first round of funding for a company called Metabiota. Metabiota’s business model was described as:

This is a unique company with a pioneering effort to protect the world from the spread of epidemics. The company has a worldwide network of on-the-ground experts with strong foundation (sic) of epidemiology and international field science. They assess epidemic risks in viral hot spots and provide strategies to help mitigate the spread of infectious diseases.

Since 2014, Metabiota has been a partner of EcoHealth Alliance as part of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) “PREDICT” project, which seeks to “predict and prevent global emerging disease threats.” EcoHealth Alliance was the vehicle Fauci used to send funds to the Wuhan Institue of Virology to make deadly viruses to mimic what Nature might do.

Of all the tens of thousands of things that Rosemont Seneca could have chosen to invest in, it chose to make money out of viral pandemics. Why would they feel confident enough that the reward outweighed the risk? After all, if there were no pandemics the company would not make any money. The Biden crime family is all about peddling influence and using insider information. It is reasonable to presume that the Bidens were confident enough that a pandemic was coming.

The less charitable amongst us would jump to the conclusion that the planet is run by a cabal of murderous psychopaths. The second tier is the grifters out to make money by front-running the psychopaths. Thus the dodgy business model of Metabiota.

In the timeline of events, the Chicom evil scientists had produced the SARS and MERS strains of coronaviruses by 2003 and 2012 respectively. But both burned too hot to be good bioweapons — they killed too quickly and weren’t infectious enough. The Chicoms kept playing with SARS though. That is why it escaped from their labs so many times.

In 2010, Bill Gates gave his TED talk saying he wanted to save the world from global warming caused by overpopulation by using a vaccine. A vaccine is “something he loved”. His foundation has invested in Pfizer, so he can make money while he is at it. In 2017, Peter Daszak was videoed in a meeting saying that the program at Wuhan had produced “some real killers”.

 On 19th October, 2019 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and the World Economic Forum (the globalists) ran Event 201, which featured a “compelling narrative” about a pandemic. This was a practice run, training for controlling the narrative during a pandemic. While the psychopaths running the planet were expecting a pandemic, they were probably surprised by the timing of the outbreak, as the Chicoms were.

Everybody involved would have expected the Chicoms to develop a vaccine before releasing their bioweapon. When the outbreak came it seemed surprisingly weak. It hardly killed anyone, the young seemed spared and most of the infected didn’t even know they had it. It has since become more virulent.

What has all this to do with Australian Health Minister, Greg Hunt, who has sweeping powers in a pandemic? Read it all to find out.