Open borders activists are undermining Joe Biden

Open borders activists are undermining Joe Biden. By Mark Krikorian.

The conflict between the radical demands of these immigrant-rights groups and the White House desire to avoid political catastrophe broke out into the open over the weekend. …

The deeper problem is that, while the two sides agree on the goals of de facto unlimited immigration, the White House accepts the political necessity of boiling the frog slowly, lest Democrats lose control of both houses of Congress next year, and the presidency in 2024.

The president had net disapproval on immigration even early in his term when he enjoyed something of a honeymoon with the public. But as his numbers have gone down generally, immigration has led the way. A recent AP-NORC poll found just 35% of the public approved of the administration’s handling of immigration, while a Quinnipiac poll a few days later found just 25% approval on immigration.

The activist groups don’t care. One of them told Politico, “backlash will exist regardless of what they do,” an implicit acknowledgement that the Democrats are going to lose anyway, so they should go for broke now. The activists are unwilling to boil the frog slowly and refuse to utter the usual soothing falsehoods — they want the borders opened, now. The statement they read before the virtual walkout included this telling line: “We refuse to be complicit in deterrence-based border policies” — what other kind of border enforcement is there?

The maximalist demands of the Left-wing immigration groups — backed by attention-getting pranks like blocking the Golden Gate Bridge and shaving their heads in front of the White House — mean there’s no way Biden will be able to satisfy them. And their central role in his coalition, along with the fact that open immigration has become an immutable value of the Left, means he also can’t distance himself from them. And thus the immigration issue will continue to be an albatross around Joe Biden’s neck.

The left want to rule the territory of the United States, by handing out its wealth to buy the votes of the poor and ambitious who turn up and want in. Seems to be working.