China, the world leader in hypersonic weapons, is a “developing country” in climate negotiations

China, the world leader in hypersonic weapons, is a “developing country” in climate negotiations. By Joanne Nova.

Spot the odd one out: China has half of the world’s coal power fleet and the fastest growing nuclear power in the world. It is the world’s major manufacturing power, and has been for 11 years. It put a rover on Mars, has astronauts in its own space station (it’s third) and has flown to the far side of the moon.

But it’s a developing country [in climate negotiations] and while all its largest competitors are giving up their cheapest electricity source, China isn’t even turning up in Glasgow and hardly anyone really cares.

China emissions exceed all developed nations combined.

China fires hypersonic nuke ‘right round the Earth’ as terrifying display of advanced weapons ‘leaves US reeling’. By Imogen Braddick.

CHINA has fired a hypersonic missile around the globe with the US left reeling by the terrifying display of military strength.

US intelligence and military officials were reportedly left stunned after China launched a rocket in space carrying a hypersonic glide vehicle which circled the globe before before speeding towards its target.

The nuke-capable missile missed its target by about two-dozen miles when it was secretly launched in August, intelligence sources told the Financial Times. …

A hypersonic missile travels five times faster than the speed of sound and can reach distances of up to 1,500 miles …

A source told the Financial Times: “We have no idea how they did this.” …

Taylor Fravel, an expert on Chinese nuclear weapons policy, said a hypersonic glide vehicle armed with a nuclear warhead could help China “negate” US missile defence systems.

Fravel said: “Hypersonic glide vehicles… fly at lower trajectories and can manoeuvre in flight, which makes them hard to track and destroy.” …

Two people familiar with the missile test said the weapon could, in theory, fly over the South Pole. And this would pose a huge challenge for the US military as its missiles defence systems are focused on the northern polar route.

China is taking us for a ride, yet again. Or is it really our ruling class that’s taking us for a ride, and China is happy enough to play along?