Woke Mediocrity

Woke Mediocrity. By Dominic Green.

Twenty years ago, American politicians sold globalization to their voters by promising that Brazil would become like us. Today, we are becoming like Brazil: a low-trust society with apparently insurmountable differences of class and race, in which the rich live in private spaces defended by a militarized police force, and politics has deteriorated into a theatrical.

Which brings us to another reason Biden’s team might have appointed Buttigieg to Transportation. Buttigieg may be deeply pale and stale, but he is also gay. When he was appointed in February 2021, the media didn’t acclaim him as an expert. They acclaimed him as a civil rights hero. …

Since being appointed US Transport Secretary, Buttigieg  and partner have adopted two babies. The US transport system is currently breaking down, and many shelves are empty in US stores.

Why … would an administration that claims to value infrastructure give an $87-billion budget to someone whose prior experience — mayor of that major transport hub, South Bend, Indiana — didn’t even extend to control over South Bend Transpo and its 18 bus routes?

Meritocracy is modern, but woke is postmodern.