Back to the Cold 1970s for Europe

Back to the Cold 1970s for Europe. By John Hinderaker. Gas prices have gone up five-fold in the last year.

Europeans are looking forward to a cold, dark winter. Natural gas is scarce and expensive, and the “green” energy in which European countries have invested many billions of dollars can’t produce reliable electricity. So panic is starting to set in. …

Wind turbines produce electricity around 40% of the time; solar panels much less often in a climate like England’s. So despite endless “green energy” investments, most of the time the energy source is not wind or solar, but rather natural gas. Why natural gas? Because you can start up and shut down a natural gas plant in response to the weather, in a way that you can’t start up or shut down a coal plant or a nuclear reactor. When people talk about using wind and solar energy, what they mostly mean is burning natural gas. …

Energy this unreliable is essentially pointless, and with fears rising of Britons freezing in their homes, no one is counting on wind or solar power.

On top of that, global temperature probably peaked in late 2016 and we are now in global cooling. More on that soon.

An interesting collision coming up, between ideology and profiteering on the one hand and reality on the other. At what point when they will abandon the stricter carbon emission measures?