During Great Awokening, White-Black NAEP Test Score Gap Grew by 20%

During Great Awokening, White-Black NAEP Test Score Gap Grew by 20%. By Steve Sailer.

Obviously, the growth in Critical Race Theory in the schools, while a goldmine for Critical Race Theorists, has done nothing to boost the objective achievement of black students. In general, CRT encourages blacks to complain, slack off, fantasize about oppression and, in general, not hit the books.

But will CRT’s constant racist denigration of white children lower their abilities?

Who knows?

The point of Critical Race Theory education is to create a hostile environment in the classroom to punish white children for the sins and (more humiliatingly) the accomplishments of their ancestors. It probably won’t lower white adult IQ much, but it will make children unhappier. Childhood is a big part of life, so people who demand to get paid to abuse children for their race are pretty vile. …

Black math scores for 13 year olds dropped like a rock during the Great Awokening … The white-black 13 year old math gap grew from 29 points to 35 points:



How could it possibly have happened that eight years of telling blacks how oppressed and entitled they were didn’t make them work harder at their math homework?

On the other hand, the US murder rate has jumped by about 30% since George Floyd and the BLM riots, and we all know that blacks commit half the murders in the USA.