There Are A Lot of Brandons

There Are A Lot of Brandons. By Kurt Schlichter. The stadium chants of “Fuck Joe Biden” have morphed into “Let’s go Brandon” in more couth contexts, after this hilariously mendacious reporter famously tried to deny the obvious:

The beauty of “Let’s Go, Brandon” is how it not only captures the utter contempt that America has for our alleged president, … but how it captures what is either unbelievable cluelessness among the media, or unbelievable mendacity. Probably some of both.

NASCAR driver Brandon Brown … was being interviewed by NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast. … The crowd in the background begins a chant. It’s a chant that is sweeping the nation, heard at college football games, rallies, and wherever patriots are gathered.

It’s not “Let’s go, Brandon.” “Brandon” is actually “Biden,” and as for the other part – how to put this in on family website? — it’s more coming than going.

Everyone hates Joe Biden, and this spontaneous chant is a symptom of the disease infecting his poll numbers. Move over mere COVID — Biden’s numbers have leprosy with some scabies and chlamydia mixed in. And there’s no cure.

America just can’t stand the guy. Even people who don’t despise the guy are pretty turned off. Just look at his sparsely-attended and increasingly infrequent events. There is always like just 12 people there — a few aging pinkos, some illegal aliens fresh from hassling a Democrat heretic in the john, and a bunch of divorced wine women wearing pro-abortion shirts to protect their right to a procedure that will never be an issue for them. And they are all wearing masks outside. You could get a better turnout in a random high school parking lot offering discount drive-thru colonoscopies. …

It’s clear that contempt contained in the “Let’s go, Brandon” chant is not directed solely at our Commander-in-Crusty. People feel kind of sorry for him. … He is and was a bad man, but now he’s obviously a mere husk of a man, albeit one filled with pinko nonsense pumped to him by his wranglers. …

Which is why the cry de coeur that is “Let’s go, Brandon” is really dedicated to the whole garbage establishment that foisted this stumbling nitwit upon us in an effort to claw back the power we had given to Donald J. Trump and ensure that we peasants never again get a say in our own governance.

Biden is Brandon, but he’s not the only Brandon. … Kamala Harris is Brandon. … Merrick Garland is Brandon. … Ibram X. Kendi and his fellow race-hustling schmucks are Brandon. … Mark Milley is Brandon …

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