Found in El Paso: the border wall Biden is paying *not* to build

Found in El Paso: the border wall Biden is paying *not* to build. By Mark Krikorian.

I read that more than 17,000 foreigners have crossed the Channel illegally into the UK from France in the first nine months of this year. Apparently this is a cause of some consternation.

That’s less than three days’ worth of illegal entries at the U.S.-Mexico border under Joe Biden. …

This was why Donald Trump made the construction of a border wall a central part of his 2016 campaign. And so, running as the anti-Trump, Joe Biden made halting the construction of that wall a central part of his 2020 campaign.

Biden won, and within hours of taking office ordered work on the wall to stop.

I saw the consequences of this decision on a recent visit to the border at El Paso. This city, at the farthest western tip of Texas, has long faced a significant flow of illegal immigrants. While the city itself has had real border barriers for years, in the outskirts and out in the countryside fencing was either risible or non-existent. Trump succeeded here, as elsewhere along the border, to get significant portions of the wall built, usually in the form of concrete-filled metal bollards placed a few inches apart (so the Border Patrol would be able to see what’s on the other side).

But the construction of the wall was famously never completed, and on January 20 Biden ordered builders to immediately put down their tools and walk away. In fact, he started paying contractors not to build the wall.

The result? Gaps in the wall and piles of paid-for but unused wall units.

Acres of wall units are now waiting for cranes that will never come

The non-building of the wall is testament to the power of the ruling class to override the wishes of the electorate. Halting immigration, especially illegal immigration, was the issue that brought Trump to the notice of the country class, who then elected him. “Build a wall” chants frequently arose during his 2016 election campaign. Building a wall was his main issue, and the one that got him elected. But, said the ruling class, you’re not allowed to have that. And that was that. Instead, after an election that was very likely rigged, the US is now importing two million illegal new immigrants per year. The great replacement. So there.