Americans realize Biden’s a fraud

Americans realize Biden’s a fraud. By Paul Mirengoff.

I suspect that the electorate feels deceived and betrayed by Joe Biden. He ran as a centrist — center-left at most — who would heal America.

This was always a hoax, but many people believed it. Maybe they were fooled because Biden once was a non-leftist. Maybe they just wanted to believe his pitch because they hated Donald Trump. I know people who bought it for that reason.

But now, the view of Biden as a moderate, as opposed to a captive of the left, is untenable.

  • He wanted to spend almost $5 trillion — a sum disfavored by moderates in his own party.
  • He has unleashed a surge of illegal immigration and shown no intention of curbing it.
  • He wants to impose leftist indoctrination on America’s school children.
  • He wants people to be able to use the restroom of their choice, not of their gender.

And so forth.

And now, Biden wants federal law enforcement to come down on people who attend school board meetings to vigorously oppose his woke agenda. The Garland Justice Department, led by Biden’s signature “moderate,” wrote the memo ordering this crackdown on America’s parents. …

Biden’s other core campaign pitch was that he would “restore” competent governance. It too has been exploded. The Afghanistan debacle played a major role in the explosion, to be sure. But Biden also undermines the claim of competence on almost a daily basis with his rambling inability to speak coherently, remember names, and take questions. …



Bill Clinton similarly defrauded the electorate in 1992, not with his claims of competence but with claims of centrism. He bounced back after the 1994 election, but only because he moved decidedly towards the center.