The Pandora Papers: Same old nonsense in a new box

The Pandora Papers: Same old nonsense in a new box. By Kit Knightly.

The Pandora Papers are out! Following the riveting Panama Papers in 2016, and the astounding Paradise Papers of 2017, the latest entry in the trilogy of financial “leaks” is finally here, and I couldn’t be more excited.

So let’s get right down to it…what do the “leaks” say? Well, according to The Guardian

The files reveal how wealthy individuals can shield their income and their assets from taxation and scrutiny by hiding them in offshore jurisdictions, more commonly known as “tax havens”.

Mind. Blown.

Rich people don’t pay tax! WHAT?! …

What’s George Soros up to?

Just as with the Panama Papers in 2016 and the Paradise Papers of 2017, the ICIJ are here to tell you that off-shore accounts exist, and that rich people use them.

The big “revelations” include politicians from Ecuador, the Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Kenya. The King of Jordan, the Prime Ministers of the UAE and the Czech Republic. Hardly a Who’s Who of hard hitters and political A-listers, instead — just as with the previous “leaks” — a collection of disposable lizard tails.

The biggest name mentioned is Tony Blair, who already has an unsalvageable public image, and is only accused of legally avoiding £300,000 in stamp duty. …

Now a real investigative journalist might, at this point, ask “well who leaked these papers?” and “what did they stand to gain?”, but that’s not the ICIJ’s bag, they’re just here unquestioningly publishing documents sent to them by intelligence agencies and billionaires, and call them “leaks”.

You see, despite the name, the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” are not really journalists. In fact, they’re a “special project” of the creepily-named Centre for Public Integrity, a non-profit funded by various foundations and billionaires (including George Soros). …

In short, the Pandora Papers are a non-story.

“Rich people avoid taxes and lie about it” is not breaking news, and when the newspapers like the Guardian and Washington Post report it as if it is…well, it’s because it must serve some other purpose.

Possibly just a distraction, sound and fury signifying nothing. Possibly some as-yet-unrevealed plans for “financial reform” or “stricter regulations”.

Hmmm. Regulation of your bank account perhaps? And you cannot use cash because cash is used by some criminals.