Democrats destroy political norms to save them

Democrats destroy political norms to save them. By Gerard Baker.

A Rasmussen poll late last month had Donald Trump defeating US President Joe Biden by 10 points in a putative 2024 election. If Vice-President Kamala Harris were the Democratic nominee, Trump’s margin of victory would be 13 points. …

How wide would Trump’s margin next time have to be for him to be accepted as president by the elites who have regarded it as their republican duty to thwart him? Ten percentage points? Twenty?

Then it was obvious. There is no margin of victory that Trump could secure that would legitimatise his presidency in the eyes of the Democratic Party, the liberal media, most of the permanent government, and the rest of the establishment. …

If they were honest, the people who want to stop Donald Trump would admit that they themselves have been traducing political norms at least since he first came down that escalator in 2015.

The more we learn from John Durham’s investigation about the Russia fabrications, the better we understand the scale and duration of the campaign to defeat Trump, and then, failing that, to destabilise his administration and, yes, depose him.

Were the people who conducted this campaign — inside and outside government — faithful guardians of the US constitution?

When the Russia effort sputtered, empty and exhausted, to a futile halt, these constitutional purists sought alternative ways to destroy the presidency. They seized on the killing of a black man by a police officer to unleash turmoil in the country, folding it into a narrative of racial persecution for which Trump was somehow held responsible. …

Augmented by a media and tech monolith that literally blocked news coverage unfavourable to Biden in the runup to the election, it sealed the deal.

Even then it was close. Does anyone think that if Trump had been able to flip three states that would have given him re-election, this “resistance” movement, mobilised to neutralise the “emergency” of the Trump presidency, would have accepted it?

We know the answer. We saw the proof in the days before the vote — boarded-up storefronts in major cities, a warning that, if it went the wrong way, there would be violent chaos on a scale probably larger than we saw last summer.

It’s class warfare, ruling class versus the country class (i.e. the rest of us). There is no common purpose any more, no fairness. Only power.

Political norms? Democracy is only a facade now, because the institutions of the deep state have assumed almost total control, and their leftist inhabitants only appoint fellow lefties to those institutions.