The administrative state is a slow, silent, leftward-flowing tide

The administrative state is a slow, silent, leftward-flowing tide. By Christopher Akehurst.

Does anyone remember when portraits of the Queen used to hang in public offices and schools? … You won’t find them now. They were surrept­itiously removed at some time after the Whitlam revolution. There was no public announcement, no debate. They just vanished, presumably as a result of some internal unreported pro-republican edict from deep in the public service.

That is how the Left — and the public service, in Australia anyway, is an ally if not a component of the Left — likes to work. No fuss, no consultation, no government policy announcement, just the slow silent advance of the leftward-flowing tide.

And what do leftist bureaucrats care if a supposedly conservative government is in power? It never lifts a finger to direct the tide the other way. …

The public broadcaster leads the way:

Of course if it’s a question of chipping away at the nation we have inherited you can be sure of finding the ABC in the thick of it. It too has started sneaking in “traditional” names in its on-screen location identifiers in news reports. Under the “official” name is the allegedly Aboriginal one.


The public broadcaster’s 7pm news in Western Australia. What is “Whadjuk Country”? Never heard of it. Yet every “news” bulletin starts like this. How can we vote against this propaganda?


Aboriginal activists, and the white ideologues who have infected them with the pernicious hate-based politics of race, imported mainly from America and clumsily applied to local conditions, have just about stopped that progress towards reconciliation, and are succeeding in replacing it with a policy of separatism from which only those who wish to see Australia in its present form destroyed can hope to profit.

Talk about “nations” and “treaties” is part of the strategy of these new racialists. So, in a minor way, is the proposal to use Aboriginal place names, which will not stop at that, but will go on, as at Ayers Rock, to demand abolition of the conventional name given to our towns and cities by the people of European descent who built them.

And by the way, the language manipulators of the new racialism are coming for your property. Watch out for another sly semantic adjustment that public servants and their like are sneaking into government and official communications. If you own land — anything from a house block to a sheep station — you are no longer a landowner but a landholder. Now why would that be? Is it to reinforce the idea that the real proprietors of Australia are the “traditional owners, past, present and future” as it’s becoming obligatory to recite umpteen times a week in those “traditional” ceremonies that go all the way back to the 1970s? That the rest of us are here on a kind of tenancy? You might have thought the ceremonies were merely a polite fiction to make everyone feel nice, but don’t be deceived. You can’t have two lots of owners, so get ready to hand over your keys, landholder.

Gradually, Australia has become more and more communist. We always voted against it, of course, but nonetheless it is here, despite our wishes.