New polling: Australians say fire up the nukes

New polling: Australians say fire up the nukes. By Charles Pier.

In a fascinating development, 50 per cent of Australians support the idea [of nuclear power] while 32 per cent are opposed.

Interestingly, while the strongest support for nuclear power is found among the over 55s, there are solid blocks of younger voters prepared to entertain the concept — indicating a recognition of the significance of nuclear energy in maintaining reliable baseload power and the limits of renewables. …

No country with nuclear weapons has ever been attacked, and just the other day China mumbled about targeting Australian cities for nuclear annihilation:

29 per cent of Australians would support the use of nuclear energy “to establish Australia’s nuclear weapon capabilities”. That’s a fascinating result.

The simplistic nuclear taboos of the past are crumbling as Australians recognise both the challenges of providing reliable electricity and our strategic environment.

The only technology we currently have to produce reliable baseload power with few carbon emissions is nuclear power. Renewables fail on reliability and quantity issues. The CO2 scare was always going to lead to nuclear power.

Nuclear power today is very different from those first generation nukes of the 1950s and 1960s. Modern nuclear power stations are fail-safe, in the sense that when things go wrong they stop burning and cool down, rather than blowing up. Those using thorium rather than uranium are safer still.