Australian ABC showcases the retrograde politics of race

Australian ABC showcases the retrograde politics of race. By Janet Albrechtsen.

The ABC’s flagship current affairs programs should drop their pretence and register as a political party. These shows are blatant campaigners for a shared ideology and political goals. The 7.30 series at the start of September, Why Women are Angry, left ABC credibility hanging by a thread. The ABC’s latest series, the critical race theory primer called The School that Tried to End Racism, severs that thread.

The Squad and their fellow travellers inside the ABC view Australia as a fundamentally racist, sexist, unequal society whose failings demand revolution, not evolution.

Never mind that their specimen proof points — Cardinal George Pell’s alleged pedophilia, Christian Porter’s alleged rape, Andrew Laming’s alleged “upskirting”, News Corp’s masterminding of Trumpian conspiracies — have all either been comprehensively discredited or never had any credible support in the first place. The facts, or any sense of balance or nuance, are irrelevant to these self-­appointed moral crusaders. …

Political power through false accusations:

The current series on the ABC, The School that Tried to End Racism, rounds out their campaign to treat racism as another wicked constituent of Australian DNA.

The opening show was a masterpiece of the propagandist’s art. Knowing that critical race theory is repugnant to most Australians, the program uses emotionally manipulative tools to try to persuade Australians to adopt the theory without them knowing it. There is sweet music, blue skies, idealistic and teary teachers, decent and hardworking parents and adorable little kids.

None of that can hide the darkness of a pilot program that uses kids for political purposes: inducing a pretty blonde girl to meditate on her white privilege and apologise for it and leaving non-white kids in tears because they are told they are victims of a deeply racist society.

During one session, a group of nine and 10-year-old kids are lined up for a race on a sporting field. Here is what they were asked to do:

If both your parents were born in this country, take a step forward. If you have blue or green eyes, take three steps forward. Same skin colour as the Prime Minister? Take another three steps forward. Is English your parents’ first language? Take one step forward. If someone has said to you: but where are you really from? Take a step back. Do people on TV look like you? Take three steps forward. Now, run for the finish line.

After a little Vietnamese boy is left in tears at the back of this pack, presenter Marc Fennell tells the kids “the idea we all learnt is there is something called white privilege, that society in Australia gives preferential treatment to people with lighter skin or a certain cultural background”.

All children should be taught in an age-appropriate way about how to treat others with respect, about empathy and how skin colour says nothing about a person’s character.

Instead, here is the retrograde politics of race in the 21st century: teaching white kids to apologise for their skin colour and making others feel like victims. This program should not be repeated in other Australian classrooms.

ABC activists and many in the race industry appear to despise Australia and Australians. Most Australians must surely find this view of their country unrecognisable and will resent the use of their taxes to pursue these agendas.

While Australia undoubtedly has social problems on many fronts, and should always strive to improve, it is one of the most generous, open and equal places on the planet.

Facts, schmacts. Postmodernism is all about power. Woke activists deny even the existence of objective truth, which is a flashing sign they intend to lie to us.