Media will never admit there was no insurrection

Media will never admit there was no insurrection. By Tucker Carlson.

First 15 mins:

The first draft of history is very often a lie. That’s not an accident. Partisans understand that history is a tool they can use to accumulate power. So they lie about something to suit their ends, they keep lying, and before long their lies are recorded as truth. They’re on Wikipedia, and your kids believe them. We’ve watched that happen all this year in real-time. We’re living through distorted history as we watch the events of January 6 described by everyone. …

A federal judge just rejected the Biden administration’s strenuous attempt to hide some of the surveillance footage from January 6. … This footage reveals that the first draft of history was a lie. An intentional distortion. A mirage created to control you. It was the work of a specific political party, it was the work of the Democratic party.

So it turns out, the vast majority of people inside the Capitol on January 6 were peaceful. They were not insurrectionists. They shouldn’t have been there, they weren’t trying to overthrow the government, that’s a total crock. And with that in mind, some of the other lies about January 6 start to make more sense. …

So here’s a rule of thumb going forward if you ever watch television again or read the newspaper: When they are absolutely insistent that you believe something, when they keep beating you over the head with the same talking point again and again, beware. There’s a reason they’re saying that. When all of them are using exactly the same line, maybe there’s a reason for that. Maybe it’s coordinated. Maybe they’re lying. In this case, they were lying.

That’s a common theme for virtually everything that happens in the news right now. Something happens, you’re not exactly sure what the outline is, you don’t know all the facts, nobody does, and all of a sudden, they hang a story on it that helps them politically, and they ram it down your throat day after day.

It used to be called propaganda. Now it’s so ubiquitous, I don’t know what to call it. Remember the lies you heard again and again about the McCloskeys, who were White supremacists, or the Covington kids, who were also White supremacists. Remember how they claimed George Floyd was choked to death, even though an autopsy showed he had a fatal level of fentanyl in his system and zero signs of suffocation. That’s what it said, we’re not making it up. What, medical reports don’t matter anymore? That’s true.

And remember what they said about the laptop showing that Hunter Biden was selling access to this father for years … [that it was Russian disinformation]. … These people are so shameless. They know they’re being used by liars and the Democratic party and the so-called intel community and they just mouth the words anyway. They say whatever they’re told to say. And then, of course, the tech community gets involved and shuts down all conversation about it. Facebook and Twitter censored the New York Post for this reporting the truth. …

They all knew it was true at the time. They knew within hours of the first New York Post story that really was the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Everybody knew it. Everybody. Especially Joe Biden. His texts and emails were all over the laptop. Of course he knew they were real. He wrote them.

But, the media lied on his behalf, and Biden got elected because they covered for him. And now that he is President, they can admit it is, in fact, all true. Too late, it’s true.

Politico finally got around to confirming that every bit of the New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop was absolutely accurate. It wasn’t Russian disinformation, it was totally real. When are they going to admit there was no insurrection? Never.

This is how modern politics is working in the US — shameless lying by the ruling class and the administrative state to stay in power. Presumably this will spread throughout the west.

hat-tip Stephen Neil