A Generation of American Men Give Up on College

A Generation of American Men Give Up on College. By Douglas Belkin.

Men are abandoning higher education in such numbers that they now trail female college students by record levels.

At the close of the 2020-21 academic year, women made up 59.5% of college students, an all-time high, and men 40.5%, …



Women make up 49% of the college-age population in the U.S., according to the Census Bureau….

American colleges, which are embroiled in debates over racial and gender equality, and working on ways to reduce sexual assault and harassment of women on campus, have yet to reach a consensus on what might slow the retreat of men from higher education.

Can’t say this, or the left shout you down and cancel you:

Some schools are quietly trying programs to enroll more men, but there is scant campus support for spending resources to boost male attendance and retention. …

Some of the schools extend offers to a higher percentage of male applicants, trying to get a closer balance of men and women. …

Ms. Delahunty said this kind of tacit affirmative action for boys has become “higher education’s dirty little secret,” practiced but not publicly acknowledged by many private universities where the gender balance has gone off-kilter. …

Systemic sexism, institutionalized by the left, actually exists — and they are proud of it:

Female students in the U.S. benefit from a support system established decades ago, spanning a period when women struggled to gain a foothold on college campuses. There are more than 500 women’s centers at schools nationwide. Most centers host clubs and organizations that work to help female students succeed. …

Jerlando Jackson, department chair, Education Leadership and Policy Analysis, at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Education, said few campuses have been willing to spend limited funds on male underachievement that would also benefit white men, risking criticism for assisting those who have historically held the biggest educational advantages.

“As a country, we don’t have the tools yet to help white men who find themselves needing help,” Dr. Jackson said. “To be in a time when there are groups of white men that are falling through the cracks, it’s hard.”

Keith E. Smith, a mental-health counselor and men’s outreach coordinator at the University of Vermont, said that when he started working at the school in 2006 he found that men were much more likely to face consequences for the trouble they caused under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

In 2008, Mr. Smith proposed a men’s center to help male students succeed. The proposal drew criticism from women who asked, “Why would you give more resources to the most privileged group on campus,” he said. Funding wasn’t appropriated, he said, and the center was never built.

We all know that if the percentages of men and women were reversed, the feminists, media, bureaucracy and academia — the leftist establishment — would be in a mighty uproar and furiously take steps to “correct” it. We know this, because 60 years ago the situation was reversed and this is in fact what happened. Looks an awful lot like permanent anti-male bias.

Now take this lesson and apply it to the current push for “racial equality”. Do you think the left’s anti-white push will stop when some sort of numerical goals have been reached? Or ever?