Chinese communists now threatening to nuke Australian cities

Chinese communists now threatening to nuke Australian cities. By Tyler Durden.

During an Australian TV primetime segment this week, the well-known China-based expert Victor Gao, who is vice president of the Center for China and Globalization and once served as communist leader Deng Xiaoping’s translator, issued a chilling scenario and shock to his Aussie audience over the controversial AUKUS defense pact between the US, Australia and the UK.

Gao bluntly warned that the deal which will see Washington give Canberra nuclear submarine technology now makes all of Australia a target for nuclear strike:

The watershed moment will be if Australia is armed with nuclear submarines to be locally produced in Australia, Australia will lose that privilege of not being targeted with nuclear weapons by other countries

Do you really want to be a target in a possible nuclear war? Or do you want to be free from the ‘nuclear menace’ going forward?” …

Beijing is declaring that Australia will become fair game for nuclear first strike. The incredulous ABC Australia news host then questioned back at him: “It is extraordinary that you’re talking about nuclear war and attacks on Australia,” the anchor said.

The questioning then turned to whether what Gao was saying reflects the position of Chinese government, to which he responded…

Listen, as a general policy Australia is not targeted with nuclear warheads right nownow if the Australian government wants to… go nuclear, with nuclear submarines, they will lose that privilege of not being targeted with nuclear warheads going forward. It’s as simple as that… this is the most profound consequence.


Isn’t it funny how all of China’s neighbors love the Chinese communists?

We all know what Australia needs now. No country with nuclear weapons has ever been attacked.