Biden’s Aides Won’t Let Him Speak

Biden’s Aides Won’t Let Him Speak. By John Hinderaker.

How far gone is Joe Biden, mentally? I don’t know, but his aides do. And the frenzy they display whenever it appears that Biden might have to talk without a script tells us that they think he is incompetent.

The latest instance occurred yesterday when Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did a joint appearance at the White House. They chatted for a few minutes and then Johnson took a couple of questions from British reporters. White House aides were so concerned that someone might ask Biden about the Southern border or another unacceptable topic that they interrupted the Prime Minister in mid-sentence and loudly hustled the reporters out of the room. …

Reporters complained to Jen Psaki, who professed to know nothing about the incident. But really, no comment is necessary.

The White House thinks it is better to interrupt the British Prime Minister in mid-answer and suffer the humiliation of herding reporters out of the room, rather than allow Joe Biden to answer a question. Enough said.

Sad. Western civilization is crumbling, and the west is lead by a decrepit old man heading up a woke political machine.