Natural Selection at work: Childless woke men getting the snip

Why are so many young childless men getting the snip? By Stephen Corby.

It takes a lot to rattle “The Ball Whisperer”, as one of Australia’s most prolific vasectomists is known, yet [Dr Justin Low ] remembers being utterly taken aback the first time a young, childless man walked into his office and asked for the snip.  …

Back when he started out a decade ago, his job was very much about helping men who felt they’d had enough children, or possibly more than enough. But after that first childless man, there were a few more, then a lot, and today Low, whose Sydney clinic does about 50 procedures a week, says it’s not unusual for between a third and a half of his patients on any given day to be ­childless. And they’re getting younger; so many are in their twenties that his organisation now offers compulsory counselling to any ­childless man under the age of 30 who inquires about a vasectomy. …

Why? What’s changed?

First, there are the men who might be described as displaying an inverse ­biological imperative, or a deep certainty that they never want to be a father. “Then there are the ones who say to me: ‘I just don’t want to bring children into a world like this,’ ” he says. “It’s about sustainability for them, it’s about climate change and the future of the planet, and if ­anything, Covid-19 and the pandemic has only reinforced that feeling, that dread, and we’ve had more and more guys coming in talking about that.

“I’ve also had people get very fired up about sustainability issues. They’ll say to me, ‘But ­doctor, surely you know, surely you’ve read the studies! The single best thing you can do for the planet is not to have a child.’ I mean, we’ve all been influenced by our times, so I can understand that thinking — but still. That’s what’s so shocking, these are people who don’t say, ‘I just don’t want kids’, they’re people who, at a ­different time in history, in another era, they might have wanted them.” …

“So many of these people I meet have that ­passionate commitment to the ­sustainability cause, they’re so determined and they’ve really thought it through. I’ve been impressed by that, but still, very surprised.”

Too bad they didn’t check out the facts before believing the narrative. Still, they are removing their genes from the gene pool, so maybe — if there are genes for skepticism or gullibility — the next generation won’t be so foolish.

David Archibald:

This is a classic case of misdirection leading up to COP 26.

The real reason is that they hear stories of friends having 20% of their pre-tax income given to slags who get pregnant by them. Which ruins their life when they thought they were just having fun. Young men don’t have any interest in babies until they have had their own which triggers something.

Some women have figured out that the optimum is to have three babies from three different fathers which can give them 60% of a good income untaxed. The father pays tax on the 20% he loses. It is a real killer to health, wealth, happiness and household formation.

The warmers save up these sort of stories for when they are needed.

Much more believable.