FBI’s entrapment rally fails, conservatives wising up

FBI’s entrapment rally fails, conservatives wising up. By Tyler Durden.

Saturday’s “Justice for J6” rally appears to have been — in the words of Donald Trump, “a setup” — after police, journalists and FBI agents appear to have been the main attraction, while just a few hundred protests appeared to support those who were detained following the Jan. 6 Capitol breach. …

Of the four arrests made, one of them — a man dressed in ‘Antifa’ clothing — was an undercover member of law enforcement who was detained and then led away by police.

Despite the low turnout at the rally, “Justice for J6” drew significant media coverage and social media engagement. …

The rally’s meaninglessness highlights problems flowing from the draconian consequences the government meted out to the January 6 protestors: They’re having a chilling effect on conservatives exercising their First Amendment rights to peaceable assembly.

Last year, during riots in honor of George Floyd, an ex-felon hopped up on drugs who violently resisted arrest, people destroyed public and private property, looted stores, and attacked police officers. Those who were arrested were often released immediately on their own recognizances and, just as often, saw their charges dropped.

The January 6 protests are different. We know the Capitol Police invited many people into the building and those people simply wandered through peacefully and then left again. They caused minimal damage to the building, although they did scare our congresspeople, a group that should always be remembered for its cowardice and histrionics. There was only one unnatural death (as opposed to deaths from heart attacks or a drug overdose) when Michael Byrd, a Capitol police officer, murdered Ashli Babbitt.

Nevertheless, January 6 was followed by a nationwide FBI dragnet, humiliating and overwhelming (and sometimes mistaken) arrests, hidden evidence, outrageous charges (which then get reduced to things such as “parading” if defendants go through Maoist “re-education”) and, as noted, months in prison without charges or trial. At least one prisoner was severely beaten. There’s also reason to believe that many of the people attending the rally on January 6 were provocateurs, whether from the FBI or Antifa, intentionally trying to destroy conservatives. This is truly the politics of personal destruction.

This grotesque overreaction is having a chilling effect on conservatives. Unlike many leftists who are professional protesters, conservatives have jobs, families, and mortgages, all of which can be destroyed if they’re swept into a dragnet for daring to exercise their First Amendment rights to petition their government and engage in peaceful protest. And so, they fall silent in the face of government injustice. The risks are just too great for them.

The Biden era represents the crushing of American constitutional rights, whether to travel freely, run their businesses, show their faces, educate their children, live in a country secure from foreign invasion, or peacefully protest and petition their government. …

Ron Paul:

They did not get their “Second Insurrection.”

In fact, as we know from the FBI itself, they did not even get their First Insurrection. Though the Left elites continue to use that term, the FBI affirmed last month that there was no organized plan among the January 6th protesters to overturn the presidential election. …

This failed rally is a success for Team Biden on one front: very few would now dare to hold a rally calling attention to the shocking injustice that continues to stain the prosecution of so many January 6th protesters.

America is over. Isn’t the Chinese century fun?

For over a century now, the reaction of the modern state to any protest movement or opposition has been to infiltrate, guide, and possibly embarrass. We’ve seen it from Tsarist Russia, to 1930s Germany, to the 1950s communists in the US, to today in China and the US.

Governments now rule by controlling the narrative, rather than with an iron fist. How better to defang and discredit your opposition than to spy on them with informers, to control them with your agents as their leaders, and to encourage them to say stupid things at your direction?

(So, how many climate change skeptic “leaders” do you suppose are influenced by government agencies? Which ones? In which country?)

The Babylon Bee:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is disappointed by the low attendance at the D.C. rally they organized for Trump supporters today.

In spite of the FBI’s best efforts to lure a bunch of angry MAGA insurrectionists to the Capitol this weekend, only a few hundred FBI agents dressed as MAGA insurrectionists showed up.

“Ivermectin! Get your hot, fresh Ivermectin HEEEERRRRE!” cried one agent selling bootleg Ivermectin tablets from Tractor Supply Company. Unfortunately, he only made a couple of sales to a few other FBI agents from other field offices he didn’t recognize. …

“Man, to put so much work into something, only to have it flop like this, it kind of hurts, you know?” said Agent Arlo Chitbag, who had organized the event. “No one even seemed interested in my ‘Make Your Own Pipe Bomb’ booth!”