Believing What No One Has Ever Believed Before

Believing What No One Has Ever Believed Before. By Robert Curry.

In his book Present Philosophical Tendencies (1912), Professor Ralph Barton Perry foresaw a time when people would too easily believe “what no one has ever believed before.”

Today, we are inundated with examples of people believing — or at least claiming to believe — what no one has ever believed before. There is the belief that a man who “identifies” as a woman must be allowed access to facilities which have always been reserved for women and girls. There is the belief that a man can have a “wife” who is a man. We are told we must stop designating a newborn as either male or female; a child must be allowed to discover which of the ever-increasing number of “genders” … it identifies with. The list of examples goes on and on. …

Perry’s brilliant insight was that abandoning common sense meant leaving truth behind — and that in the post-truth era, people would believe what no one has ever believed before. In 2016, the Oxford Dictionaries made it official we had arrived in the post-truth era. The dictionaries selected “post-truth” as the Word of the Year for 2016. …

When young Americans were taught to reject truth and common sense and to embrace Progressivism in American universities, a gap opened up between ordinary Americans and elite Americans. That gap grew wider with the passage of time, and became a source of political and social instability.

The elite eventually decided to close the gap by force. Fired up by the Progressivism they had acquired at the university, America’s elite began using the power of government and the other institutions they controlled to force ordinary Americans to submit to those beliefs no one has ever believed before.

It’s probably not a coincidence that the rise of progressivism has coincided with the death of religious belief. Both begin with Nietzsche’s death of God, around 1880.

Progressives hate Christians more than anyone (though they are such good haters, with so many targets, that it’s sometimes not obvious). Progressives love nothing more than to frame religion as belief in a supernatural sky-being, when in fact it is a philosophy about how to live in the here and now. Jesus was the word’s greatest politician. After dispensing with the supernatural part of his teachings, you are still be left with the formula for the most successful societies in history. Progressives are doing their best to revert to the pre-Christian state of might-makes-right.

And into the vacuum of belief left by the eclipse of Christianity comes a bunch of leftist political adventurers, making up politically correct fantasies that help them to power and extra rewards in this life. Backed by the power of the state, the media, and big tech.