Mark Milley Exposes the Myth of American ‘Democracy’

Mark Milley Exposes the Myth of American ‘Democracy’. By Josh Hammer.

Milley allegedly convened a rogue meeting with senior military officials in charge of the National Military Command Center, the Pentagon’s de facto war room, to tell them not to accept military orders from anyone unless he was personally involved.

Woke buffoon, usurper of democracy

There could not possibly be a clearer example of how much the American ruling class is drunk on power and of how little it cares for any and all obstacles standing in the way of its accumulation and exercise of that power.

It also just so happens that, in this instance, those obstacles take the form of the quintessential defining feature of what usually separates a democracy or a republican form of governance from a dictatorship: ultimate civilian control of the military. In undermining that ultimate civilian control, Milley and his apologists are playing with fire.

How bitterly ironic, too, that the same left-wingers who opposed Trump on ostensibly “fascist” or “authoritarian” grounds while simultaneously preaching about the imperative to save our American “democracy” are now the ones who, seemingly without fail, have taken to defending a Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman who has taken a blowtorch to the very definition of “democracy.”

Milley is, of course, the same man who has openly defended the merits of studying critical race theory in the military and, in general, seems far more preoccupied with preening for holier-than-thou wokesters than he does with ensuring the U.S. Armed Forces are adequately prepared to hunt down and kill America’s enemies in the most efficient way possible.

In short, as National Review’s Dan McLaughlin tweeted: “To Mark Milley, the General Lee who has been dead for 151 years is a dire threat, but the General Li who commands the world’s largest army on behalf of a murderous tyranny is a chum.” That is damning almost beyond words.

Some excerpts from General Milley’s forthcoming book, A Revised Version Of The Art Of War, by the Babylon Bee:

“You have to be careful not to surprise your enemy. They really don’t like it.”

“Treason is not treason if it is the lesser of two treasons.”

“Know thy pronouns, and know thy enemy’s pronouns.”

“The supreme art of war is to surrender to your enemy without fighting.”

“All war is white rage.”

“If you surrender, you can never lose.”

“You can not betray the one to which you were never loyal.”

“When retreating, leave most of thy armaments behind so you know what you’ll be up against next time.”

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