F*** Joe Biden: Surging protest is a sign of hope and change

F*** Joe Biden: Surging protest is a sign of hope and change. By Lloyd Billingsley.

For the second straight week, chants of “Fuck Joe Biden!” have broken out at college football games across the country. North of the border in Ontario, protesters chant “Fuck Trudeau!” who called for an election for September 20. As this signifies, youth rebellion is back, and willing to deploy the full English language in a just cause.

Back in the 1960s, when the government was conscripting young Americans to fight in Vietnam, Americans would chant: “One-two-three-four, we don’t want your fucking war!” as they burned their draft cards. Protesters would also show up en masse chanting, “Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?” and “hell no, we won’t go!” Given the shameful way the government failed to back up the troops, you can’t blame them. …

Trudeau and Biden impose policies they know will harm the people and weaken their nations, yet they want to be liked. The American college students and Canadian protesters are calling them out in perfectly appropriate terms, and this needs to happen more, particularly in the United States. Contrary to the media, it’s OK to have political views different from those of the president, the vice president, the speaker of the House, and white-coat supremacist Anthony Fauci.

Don’t worry about critics and exercise your First Amendment rights, while you still have them. And remember that the English language has always been attacked by frightened little sissies. …

With apologies to Winston Churchill, we shall yell “Fuck Biden” in the bleachers, in parks, in mass demonstrations, and even at the Super Bowl.

As the Doobie Brothers urged, take it to the streets. You could also yell “Fuck Harris,” but Willie Brown already did that. So don’t rule out a chorus of “Fuck Fauci” or “Fuck Pelosi.” Say it loud and say it proud, and wear it on your t-shirt. Refuse to be silenced. You’ll have a great time, but it’s not just about having fun. As we learned in the 1960s, those in power get the message.

The people let LBJ know they didn’t want his fucking war, and the president didn’t like hearing how many kids he killed that day. So LBJ decided not to run in 1968, and the rest is history.

As Glenn Reynolds said:

It’s amusing to see Democrats respond by demanding respect for the office, and the separation of politics and sport. Too late guys. Enjoy the new rules you made.