Australia confirms landmark nuclear submarine deal and it’s ‘China’s worst nightmare’

Australia confirms landmark nuclear submarine deal and it’s ‘China’s worst nightmare’. By Samantha Maiden.

Mr Morrison described the AUUKUS grouping as a “forever partnership between the oldest and most trusted of friends”. …

At this morning’s announcement, alongside Mr Biden and Mr Johnson, Mr Morrison said the partnership was to deliver a “safer and more secure” Indo-Pacific region. …

The proposal for Australia to tear up existing contracts for French subs and purchase US nuclear technology has previously been described as “China’s Worst Nightmare” in the region – which could “tip the military balance in Asia.”

Well maybe not their worst nightmare. However, nuclear powered submarines are the most cost effective defense option for Australia, and tilt the balance of naval power in the Pacific.

David Archibald, a few months ago:

The irresponsible decision to build 12 outrageously expensive unproven diesel submarines in SA for $50bn (or $225bn) was intended to protect Liberal seats. Diesel submarines when eventually delivered will contribute nothing of consequence to our defence. Six swiftly deliverable Virginia Class submarines worth $15bn would be incomparably more effective than 12 pedestrian diesel subs at a cost of $50bn. The Virginias could be wet-leased, and Astute nuclear submarines from UK could also be considered.

hat-tip Mark Ellis