Digital passports are coming

Digital passports are coming. Tucker Carlson is on fire tonight, on an outrageous trend gaining steam in the West.

Suggested: 6:17 to 16:35.

Things are changing so quickly that the population is becoming numb to what the state of affairs was just the other day. For a quick recap, a year ago they were telling you maybe you shouldn’t take the vaccine because Trump created it. A few months ago they were assuring you — Nancy Pelosi in April assured you — we’re never going to require vaccines because we can’t do that. We don’t have the power. Your medical status is a matter, a sacred matter, of privacy. Again, that was in April. On Thursday, they required vaccines.

Here’s where we are today:

  • Anthony Fauci: I would support that if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people that you should be vaccinated.
  • Dr. Jonathan Reinert (CNN): Flying on an airplane remains a hazard. No one knows the vaccination status of any of the fellow passengers. You’re locked in this tube. And it’s a privilege to travel.
  • Dr. Zeke Emanuel (CNN): There’s more mandates I wish he would have given. I think mandating vaccines, for air travel, train travel, or interstate bus travel, would also be important.
  • Leana Wen (CNN): There are privileges associated with being an American. That if you wish to have these privileges, you need to get vaccinated. Travel, and having the right to travel in our state, it’s not a constitutional right as far as I know to board a plane.

“If you wish to have these privileges, you need to get vaccinated.” The person who said that, the last person in the montage we just played, is the former head of Planned Parenthood. Her name is Leana Wen. That’s quite a statement to make. So here you have a woman who moved to this country from China sitting authoritatively in a box on CNN, lecturing Americans that their most basic birthright — the right to travel within their own country, the country they were born in — is now, in fact, a privilege that the Democratic Party may decide to grant you if follow its demands. …

Congressman Don Beyer of Northern Virginia … has already introduced legislation in the House that would require vaccine passports for all domestic air travel in this country. Sound crazy? It’s just the first step, phase one of a much larger program. Once authoritarian measures like Don Beyer’s have made large numbers of otherwise-law-abiding Americans desperate enough to use fake vaccine cards, then we’ll move to the next phase, and this will likely happen soon.

You’ll start to hear about the dangerous epidemic of fake documents out there — “an epidemic that threatens the public health of this country….

So within a short time, guaranteed, we will have another mass panic, this one about fake vaccination cards. And into this hysteria will step Fauci and Biden and Leana Wen and the rest of the power-grabbers in the political-media axis. And suddenly they will have the perfect solution to this terrifying new crisis of fake vaccine cards and the answer, needless to say, will be digital COVID passports. It’ll be so obvious: All your key personal health information, protected by your unique biometric signature, stored safely forever in the cloud. It’s perfect — it’s highly efficient. Only a Russian Q-Anon operative could oppose something so obviously good and essential to the public health. Just don’t forget to bring your fingerprints with you the next time you want to leave your house, or buy food, or fly on an airplane, or visit your children in college, or have a job, or get access to your checking account. Because Leana Wen is going to need to verify that you are following all of the rules. All of those things are privileges now. They’re not rights. They can be taken away. …

Suddenly things are moving very fast, and they’re all moving in a very specific direction. Just the other day, one of the most prominent members of the United States Senate — the former Harvard Law professor called Elizabeth Warren — wrote a public letter to Amazon demanding the site ban books she disagrees with. So here you have a self-described liberal, who was a law professor at a premier law school, calling for book burning. Did you think you’d live to see that? The most amazing thing is that no one seemed to notice.

Sadly, this is becoming plausible.