Why Believing in Long-Term Vaccine Safety Is Simply Irrational

Why Believing in Long-Term Vaccine Safety Is Simply Irrational. By Alexander Zubatov.

How the credibility of our midwit rulers crumbled:

Consider, first, how virtually everything you were told about COVID and the vaccines turned out to be wrong again and again and again.

You don’t need to wear a mask unless you’re sick. Everyone should wear a mask. If you’ve been vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask. Even the vaccinated need to mask up. You need to sanitize your hands, wipe down all surfaces and clean your home on a daily basis. COVID isn’t really passed through surface-to-surface contact. COVID is a respiratory disease. No, COVID is a vascular disease.

We’re going to lock down for 15 days to slow the spread. We’re going to lock down for months on end. Now we can celebrate because COVID is over. COVID is back and might clear up by spring 2022 . . . or is it fall 2022? COVID will be with us forever now. COVID definitely did not leak from a lab, and that’s a debunked conspiracy theory. There’s a good chance COVID leaked from a lab. The death rate from COVID might be well over 1 percent. The death rate from COVID might be 0.65 percent. Or maybe more like 0.8 percent.

The herd immunity threshold is 67 percent. Or maybe far, far lower than that. Or is it significantly higher, closer to 80 percent? To tell you the truth, herd immunity might be unattainable.

Vaccines are going to stop COVID in its tracks. Vaccine efficacy is as high as 95 percent. Vaccine efficacy is fading fast. Everyone will need boosters in a year . . . or in eight months . . . or six months . . . or five months (should we just put everyone on a 24/7 vaccine drip?) . . . or back to eight months.

People who are vaccinated have a lower level of the virus in them and are less likely to transmit it. Well, no, what we meant to say is that they seem to have the same level of the virus in them and are, therefore, just as likely to transmit it as anyone else. The vaccine gives you more protection than the natural immunity you gain from having recovered from COVID. Natural immunity gives you far more protection than the vaccine.

All of these statements, as I said, were published in perfectly mainstream sources, often by the same sources that later contradicted themselves. At every point along the way, a failure to believe or even a mere willingness to question the guidance of the moment would get one branded a science-denier by the same smug scolds who apparently had learned nothing from their earlier errors.

As Lord Keynes is reputed to have said, “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” That’s not the problem.

In most of these cases, I do not blame our authorities for repeatedly revising their views, forecasts, predictions, and policies. That is exactly how science and related policy recommendations should work in a rapidly unfolding scenario involving a novel virus and novel treatment options, experimental vaccines included.  …

What I blame them for [is] that they refused to acknowledge the fallibility of their enterprise and came out swinging each time a new momentary consensus emerged. I blame them for not understanding that most published research findings are false, a fact that is doubly or triply the case in a scenario as new and unpredictable as this one has been.

I blame them, above all, for demonizing and/or ignoring the critics and skeptics who refused to leap on board. And I blame still more the legions of journalists who readily abandoned all traces of critical thinking and served, instead, as enthusiastic yes-men echoing and amplifying the pronouncements of the state and the crackdown of the Big Tech authoritarians. …

Vaccines are safe, they say. How on earth would they know?

How could it be remotely rational to conclude the all-important question of vaccine safety is any different?

If the proponents of the vaccines clearly turned out to be clueless as to the long-term efficacy of their shots, especially as new variants emerge, why would we conclude that their views of long-term vaccine safety are any more reliable? Consider what evidence there is for the proposition that these new types of vaccines are safe in the long term. The only right answer is hardly any. 

What evidence could there possibly be when the “long term” hasn’t had time to happen yet? For pregnant women as well, despite the CDC’s assurances that the vaccine is safe for them, there is no testing that could possibly yet have been done to track the long-term effects of those vaccines on the children of those pregnancies. For now, it is all a matter of guesswork and prognostication based on the actual biological properties of the substances used, as well as experience with other, older types of vaccines—the same type of guesswork and prognostication that has, as above, failed to get COVID right time and again. …

Tracking long-term vaccine side effects, a notoriously difficult chore given the things confounding it — vaccine manufacturers and governments interested in vaccine administration having every incentive to avoid pursuing such questions for fear of destroying their businesses and/or alarming the public. …

Unless vaccine side effects are either relatively harmless or really, really obvious and easily traceable to particular vaccines, which they hardly ever are, we won’t tell you about it for fear of fueling vaccine hesitancy. …

Speaking anecdotally, nearly everyone I have spoken to and I personally know at least several people who had severe and long-lasting side effects that appear to have begun almost immediately after the first or second dose of one of the mRNA-based vaccines, ranging from tinnitus to stroke-induced vision loss to symptoms identical to those reported in long-haul COVID. This suggests that, if anything, vaccine side effects are being underreported and underpublicized.

Don’t midwits make awesome rulers? We have such confidence in them, that they make good decisions and that they have our interests at heart.