Rally for vaccination choice, Monday in Perth

Rally for vaccination choice, Monday in Perth. From a press release by Michael Darby.

UNCHAIN AUSTRALIA strongly supports freedom of choice for vaccination, including for all health professionals and emergency services.

Today’s rally at Perth’s Fiona Stanley Hospital, 11am to 1pm near Jamaica Blue, will be addressed by renowned author Dr Judy Wilyman PhD. …

UNCHAIN AUSTRALIA upholds early intervention based upon doctors having the unfettered right to prescribe for their informed and willing patients. Some doctors may prescribe vaccines for some patients, which is fine. UNCHAIN AUSTRALIA deplores and condemns politicians and medical bureaucrats who act as sales agents for Big Pharma, who destroy the hallowed doctor-patient relationship, who recklessly ignore the precautionary principle in risking harm to vaccine recipients, who threaten health professionals with destruction of their careers if they speak the truth and who indemnify vaccine manufacturers against all claims for harm done by their products. …

The National Cabinet should answer these questions:

  1. How does the National Cabinet reconcile its 80% double-vaccination target with the experience of Israel, where 80% double-vaccination has already been surpassed and daily new cases per million of population are twenty times Australia and 7,794 times Taiwan?
  2. Instead of spending a fortune in taxpayer’s money propagandising, bullying citizens and even vaccinating children, why does the National Cabinet not simply attempt to emulate Taiwan’s success in pulling down active cases, new cases and deaths?
  3. Does the National Cabinet have a high-level medical representative embedded with the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare, and if not why not?
  4. Why does the National Cabinet appear to prioritise vaccination numbers  over bringing down case numbers and death numbers?
  5. How can National Cabinet impose or allow unfair discrimination against individuals who are cautious about experimental vaccines? Across Australia, anti-discrimination laws rightly make it unlawful to discriminate against any person with HIV or any person thought to have HIV.  The same must apply to vaccination status.  Governments must cease using fear porn to create hostility to unvaccinated persons.