Biden Unveils ‘Your Body, My Choice’ Vaccination Program

Biden Unveils ‘Your Body, My Choice’ Vaccination Program. By the Babylon Bee.

In a speech today, Joe Biden unveiled a brand new program to force the rest of the country to get vaccinated, entitled “Your Body, My Choice.”

“Listen folks, make mistake. Uh, make no mistake,” said the President, reading carefully off the teleprompter. “I have complete control and sole authority over everything you do with your body, and everything you put in your body. I’m the government for God sakes! I have F-15s and nukes! Jus getha vashine! Jusdoit!” …

Companies will be forced to comply with the mandate until the Supreme Court strikes it down in a few hours.

Not far away:

Real news: Biden mandates vaccines, ignoring the Constitution:

Joe Biden is now threatening unvaccinated Americans more than he is threatening the Taliban.

Biden completely ignores the 10% of Americans who know they caught covid, survived, and now have natural immunity — which is better than the protection from a vaccine. Giving a vaccine to someone with natural immunity can cause complications — Biden is such a doofus. Like the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, this is so stupid you are left wondering if there isn’t some hidden agenda at work.

powerTrip392: “Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it, for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know if you have it.”

UPDATE: Looks like this time, finally, the non-woke are going to rally and put up some real resistance, maybe:



hat-tip Stephen Neil