Poll: 52 percent say Biden should resign over Afghanistan

Poll: 52 percent say Biden should resign over Afghanistan. By Paul Mirengoff.

A Rasmussen survey, conducted on August 30-31 among 1,000 “likely voters,” finds that 52 percent believe Joe Biden should resign because of his Afghanistan policy. 39 percent disagree.

Furthermore, if Biden does not resign (and he won’t, of course), 60 percent of those surveyed said he should be impeached. …

But there is one thing working in Biden’s favor. A majority of those surveyed do not consider Vice President Harris qualified to replace him. The split was 38-58 against the VP.

I infer that the 38 percent who said Harris is qualified to be president and the 39 percent who said Biden should not resign are largely the same people — hard core Democrats.

With the media on their side, the Biden administration are trying to tough it out. Biden admits no blame, does not apologize, and spins the evacuation as an amazing success. They might get away with it in the short term, but the effect on long term credibility is disastrous.

New ad by Trump team: