Western Australia: Covid free and resisting attempts by the Feds to open it up

Western Australia: Covid free and resisting attempts by the Feds to open it up. By Paul Garvey.

Speaking to reporters after federal Attorney-General Michaelia Cash told The Australian that their constitutional power to shut borders would diminish once the nation hits an 80 per cent vaccination rate, Mr McGowan said he found the comments “incredible”.

“Why are they on this mission to bring Covid into Western Australia to infect our public, to ensure that we shut down parts of the economy, that we lose jobs, people get sick and some people die? Haven’t they seen what’s happening in New South Wales?,” he said.

“I cannot understand why they’re doing this. It makes no sense. We are the strongest economy in Australia, we have the freest community. We have a society that is totally open. We have no one in hospital with Covid, yet they want that all to change. Why?”

He said WA’s hard border had strong support from the public and the business community.

“The idea … which seems to be propagated by people in the Liberal Party in Canberra that the big crisis is what’s happening in Western Australia is so completely ludicrous and preposterous as to be Alice in Wonderland stuff,” he said.

“They keep saying what’s happening in Western Australia, look how terrible it is over there.”

Wtf? WA has no covid, no lockdown (ok, 12 days in the last year), no masks, the economy is thriving, life as normal except no overseas holidays and no entry from infected states. Terrible? Who are you trying to kid?

I’ve noticed a pattern. Every jurisdiction that has done worse at covid (measured by deaths, amount or days of lockdown, or GDP hit) seems to wish ill to those who have done better. Or calls them preposterous names, and pretends things are really bad there. It’s as if they don’t want to admit to themselves or their voters that other places did better. Sad.

WA has been lucky, but calling it “terrible” is ludicrous.