Shadow puppet-mistress pulling lockdown protest strings

Shadow puppet-mistress pulling lockdown protest strings. By Stephen Rice.

In one of the greatest con-jobs of the pandemic, hundreds of Australians delivered themselves up for arrest and $5000 fines on Tuesday at the behest of a delusional conspiracy theorist hiding out on a farm in New Zealand.

Such is the growing lunacy of the anti-vax protest movement that it is now hostage even to the petulant demands of Karen Brewer — a woman whose sole mission is to imprison “filthy Freemason scum” and throw away the key.

Many of those who turned up to vent their fury at various State Parliaments and council offices around the country must have known that the puppet-mistress behind the event was deeply disturbed.

After all, Brewer has at least 20,000 disciples on social media avidly following her death threats against politicians.

A recent hit was her message to a senior NSW politician: “You f..king C..t you will be swinging from a rope and your carcass will be dumped in the sea.”

The mob loved it.

Some of the pitchfork and noose brigade were at the protests on Tuesday, breathless with excitement at confronting “the costumed thugs” – Brewer’s term for the cops.

But plenty of the others just turned up for the show. It seems to be what happens when boredom meets stupid in locked down Australia.

Not that Brewer herself is an idiot. She’s always miles away by the time the proverbial hits the fan.

Defamer, ran away to NZ:

Only a couple of years ago she was living in Australia spewing out diatribes against anyone she deemed to be a member of the Masonic paedophile cabal she believes rules the country.

One of those was Nationals MP Anne Webster, who was entirely innocent but found herself the subject of vile accusations she was part of a child sex abuse network.

Webster sued for defamation and was awarded $875,000 in damages. The judge labelled the claims “disgraceful and inexplicable,” and Brewer as “delusional”.

But Webster hasn’t seen a cent of the money.

Brewer fled to New Zealand to avoid the claim and began tuning her message to the growing anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown movement.

Too fringe:

A dozen wannabe leaders of the anti-lockdown movement are jostling for power and influence over a highly suggestible audience.

Brewer has trumped them all.

Over recent months her denunciations have grown increasingly shrill, warning politicians she believes are hiding evidence of their alleged crimes: “Just so you know, those ropes swing regardless.”

Sure. The crazy periphery give sensible objectors a bad name, and their opponents love to give them publicity.

The Australian newspaper, from which this article came, is pro elimination-lockdowns and pro-vax, so happily conflates anti-lockdown and anti-vax sentiments, and ties them to someone who clearly has problems.